Shawn Michaels Reveals Who Gave Him The Best Rivalry Of His Career

WWE Half of Famer Shawn Michaels joined ViBe & Wrestling for an interview regarding what he considered to be the best rivalry of his career. Michaels answered with the most well-known feud of his career.

"Well, I think it's got to be, Brett Hart, right? I mean, my goodness, how do you mention me and not think of Bret?"

Throughout the 90s, Hart and Michaels participated in a feud that would not only occur inside the ring, but outside the ring, as well. At a time Michaels was already experiencing struggles with his health and personal life, the former WWF World Heavyweight Champion claimed Hart was accusing Michaels of faking his injuries during live interviews. Michaels shared how he feels about the feud, looking back on it, today.

"Certainly it spilled over into real life, but again, all these years later, I don't know, I look back on it with fondness, simply because it was something that was so palpable and people felt it. So, as proud as I am of all those other rivalries, I think it's hard for me not to mention that one being right up there."

Michaels' career spanned nearly 25 years of in-ring action and three retirements; plenty of time to build a collection of feuds. The Heartbreak Kid gave a second choice for his best rivalry, keeping the choice to the later part of his career.

"If we don't mention that one, I would say Triple H."

The veteran admitted that though fans know how close they are, they are still competitive with each other. Michaels continued by saying his friendship added to the mystique.

"I think he and I, even though now everybody has always associated both of us with our friendship, that I think [the fans] always knew was very real and palpable, we still managed to cross one another backwards and forwards; as good guy, bad guy, medium guys, tagging together. We did a lot of stuff together, Triple H and I, that you couldn't always get away with, but because people knew the behind-the scenes story on he and I, it somehow always seemed to make sense," Michaels said. "They could understand us fighting each other, because we were both really competitive, and competitive with another, and that always added to the storyline. So, I have to say, in the first part of my career, you say Bret Hart, and then the second part I think I'd have to say Triple H."

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