WWE SmackDown Superstar Shorty G (Chad Gable) took to Twitter today and released his own promo, dismissing the idea that last Friday’s win over Mojo Rawley was an upset.

Gable has often released his own promo videos in the past but this looks to be his first in several weeks. Gable mocked how Kayla Braxton, in their pre-match interview, asked him how Mojo’s height might intimidate him. He said something died inside of him when he heard the announcers and others refer to his win over Mojo as an upset.

“And then I heard it. What upset? Something inside of me died when I heard people call that an upset,” G said. “An upset? The piece of me that died was that small piece that was still trying to prove himself to other people. That’s over with. Some people see me as a certain way and it’s never going to change, and that’s fine. That was an upset? The only person I have to prove to myself anymore is me.

“Let’s make one thing clear – that was not an upset. Maybe… maybe you forgot who I am, right? Maybe you forgot what I’ve accomplished so far. Well I haven’t forgotten anything. I know exactly where I started. I know exactly what I have accomplished in my career, and most importantly, I know what I’m going to accomplish. If you think that was an upset, I can’t wait to see what in the hell you call it when you see what I do to the rest of the SmackDown roster. There isn’t a word for it. These ain’t upsets.”

G captioned the video with, “Re: last Friday and other recent victories – My wins aren’t upsets. Don’t kid yourself. I’ve seen them all in my head 100 times over before they happen.? Expect to win. These ain’t upsets.? #Smackdown”

You can see the full promo below: