Sonya Deville recently did an interview with the Mirror.

During the interview, Deville spoke about how Finn Balor uses his large platform to support the LGBTQ community. She called him an important ally for the community and a good friend.

“For him to use the large platform that he stands on to spread such a good message, he’s always been a good friend of mine, he’s just like one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met, and for him to use his voice as an ally is so important, it’s such a big statement,” said Sonya.

One of the things he’s done in the past to show his support was his WrestleMania 34 entrance. The entrance included members of the New Orleans’ LBGTQ community wearing GLADD-benefiting, Balor Club For Everyone T-Shirts.

Balor recently took to social media to support Pride Month. He tweeted a photo of him and Sonya with the caption, “Foreveryone #prideunboxed #pride #pridemonth #lgbtq @glaad

Sonya Deville is the first openly lesbian performer in WWE history.