WWE Hall of Famer “Sunny” Tammy Sytch found herself in several heated exchanges with fans and Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace on Twitter this week.

The controversy began when Sytch commented on the violence going on around the country, which began after and during the peaceful protests for the killing of George Floyd while in police custody last Monday. The tweet has now been deleted, but Sunny wrote:

“So all of you haters are in support of all of this violence, looting, and killing of innocent people??? So Its OK for innocent people to get harmed and killed by these animals, but its NOT ok for these ANIMALS to be taken down for their actions?? HYPOCRITES?”

One fan responded and said the only “animal” is Sunny, also commenting on her having “white privilege” for focusing on the riots and not the injustice.

Sunny responded, “White privelage? Yes. Not sorry for that man dying? No. I feel terrible bad for his family and I hate cops just as much as the next guy”

Sunny responded to one fan who asked, “What about the root issue, Tammy? What the protests are about.”

She wrote back, “An innocent man being murdered is NO excuse for all the harm and damage done to innocent people. The cop got charges. What else do they want?”

Another fan called her out for being an attention seeker, pointing to how she gets better engagement for tweets about her OnlyFans account and the adult photos there.

She responded and asked if the fan is on welfare, writing, “Yeah ok. I’ve made more in 6 weeks than you do in 2 years. Or are you on welfare?”

The backlash started to pick up for the former WWE star. One fan commented, “Funny you should call them animals yet had NO PROBLEM sucking em off for your pill habit!!! Adios used and abused”

Sunny also responded to that fan and wrote, “Yeah. No. I didn’t suck ANYONE off for pills. And where exactly did I say BLACK ANIMALS?? Oh yeah, I didn’t”

Sunny continued to defend herself. Another fan wrote that she kept calling Black people “N” in her Twitter replies. She responded, “Only in rebuttal. They can call me names but I can’t? f–k that noise.”

One fan brought up Sunny’s troubled legal past and asked how many times she’d been in jail. The fan wrote, “So by your own admission, you’re an animal. Thanks for admitting it.”

Sunny responded, “I’m not out here looting and setting things on fire. A DUI doesn’t make you a criminal.”

Sunny also responded to a fan who tweeted photos of several white people participating in the looting. She wrote, “Yeah and? I didn’t say BLACK animals. I said ANIMALS. ALL OF THEM”

In another deleted tweet, Sunny poked at fans for getting “worked up” by tweets from someone they don’t know.

She wrote, “It’s so crazy how you all get worked up so easily by tweets from someone you don’t even know. Maybe you should do something more productive with your time and get a job, puppet your families, and not worry about Twitter so much. It’s only Social Media. Not the Bible.”

Regarding the Sunny vs. Jordynne beef on Twitter, Grace wrote a tweet that put Sunny over WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, who often speaks out against injustice on his Twitter.

“In a world full of Sunnys, be a Kevin Nash,” Grace wrote.

Sunny wrote back, “@JordynneGrace can’t wait to see your fat ass at an event…”

Grace responded, “I can’t wait to see you too babe! I love meeting all my fans!”

Grace then responded to a fan who mentioned Sunny doing adult film work, and wrote, “Okay to be fair, we don’t shame sex workers. Shame the racist part.”

Sunny wrote back and said no one knows who Grace is.

“Seriously? I never said anything f racist. I said ‘animals’. Not ‘black animals’. And who the f–k are you anyway? I’ll see you at a show. Well maybe not, because no one knows who you are,” Sunny wrote.

A fan informed Sunny that Grace is the current Knockouts Champion. Sunny responded, “Oh for a company that makes no money, pays no money, and has no fans at their shows. Ok.”

Sunny later tweeted this afternoon that she can’t wait to see some of these other female wrestlers at a convention. She wrote, “People really have balls behind a keyboard… I can’t wait to see some of you b—–s at a convention…”

A fan responded and predicted that Sunny would cower at Grace just blinking in her direction. Sunny wrote back, “First of all, dick, I’ve trained MMA for over 10 years and she’s a short fat little Oompa Loompa who works for a company that pays less than indie shows, and draws less fans too. If I saw her in a mall I’d think she worked in the food court.”

Sunny continued taking shots at Grace and even Noelle Foley chimed in, defending Grace. You can see more of the tweets between them, and comments from Grace, at the bottom of this post, along with the aforementioned tweets.

Sunny’s Twitter feed really is a wild place and these are just some of the heated exchanges she’s had over the past few days. You can see the related tweets below, along with the others mentioned above.