Kathy Laurinaitis is undergoing brain surgery today.

WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins noted on social media that their mother is undergoing the operation today after a mass was found on her brain stem.

It was previously revealed on the Total Bellas season finale that Kathy was suffering from a case of Bells Palsy. Brie Bella noted on Instagram today that her mother didn’t actually have Bells Palsy, but the symptoms were coming from the mass on her brain stem.

Brie wrote today, “Today my mom goes in for brain surgery. They realized she doesn’t have Bells Palsey but a mass on her brain stem…..couldn’t sleep because I was praying all night. She’s a strong one and I know all her angels will be with her. #BellaArmy send Mama Bella all the prayers and love today Love you Mom @kathylaurinaitis”

Nikki added, “Our Mama Bella, our Gigi, our Gato is about to head into brain surgery. I ask for so many prayers, so much light and love sent her way. Sadly they found what you can compare to a tumor on her brain stem that has been paralyzing her face. I have faith that the amazing doctors will do an incredible job and our Gigi will be on the road to recovery starting late today. She’s loved by so many of us and just pray that her road to recovery is exactly what we are hoping for so we can put two new grand babies in her arms soon. Love you SOOO much Mom! You have a big Bella Army out here praying for you!!”

Kathy married WWE Producer John Laurinaitis back on March 24, 2016.

You can see the full Instagram posts from Nikki and Brie below: