On Chapter 4: The Battle Within of WWE Network’s docuseries Undertaker: The Last Ride, WWE Superstar The Undertaker weighed in on his thoughts on his WWE Super ShowDown match versus WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg. Among many other things, during the show, The Undertaker talked about how it all came together, his high expectations for the bout, and his disappointment following the match.

According to The Undertaker, Triple H pitched him the idea of facing Goldberg at Super ShowDown. The Undertaker thought that they had blockbuster match on their hands.  

“It was Triple H that called me and asked me, ‘what do you think about working with Goldberg in Saudi?,'” The Undertaker recalled. “And I said, ‘wow, I mean, on paper, that’s huge.’ And I never worked with him. At this juncture in my career, you don’t have very many opportunities to work with somebody of that magnitude for the first time ever kind of deal.”

The Undertaker, who recently shared his thoughts on The Rock’s early professional wrestling career, was optimistic about the pairing with Goldberg when ‘The Deadman’ went to meet with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon at WWE Monday Night RAW on June 3, 2019.

“The stature of Goldberg, the stature of The Undertaker, being able to do that for the first time, I mean, that’s pretty exciting, so I am looking forward to that,” The Undertaker admitted. “And, hopefully, we can deliver on the hype.”

With respect to the match, The Undertaker suspected that Goldberg got concussed early on in the contest.

“Bill got concussed early on,” The Undertaker said. “I’m assuming that. I think that he had a head injury. When you go on last, you want to be able to deliver and you want people thinking when they are leaving, ‘like, wow! Man, we just watched The Undertaker and Goldberg go at it!'”

The Undertaker acknowledged that he and Goldberg were both disappointed by the match.  

“My reactions after the match, I had this dejected look on my face. It was there because I was upset. [Goldberg] was really disappointed and I was disappointed.” The Undertaker continued, “it’s just like, wow, that was really close to being catastrophic.”

Apparently, The Undertaker once again questioned whether he was finished as an in-ring talent after the Super ShowDown match with Goldberg.  

“I got this long flight back to the [United] States, my back is bothering me, and I’m like, ‘man, maybe it’s time. Maybe you are out of gas and I got a wife and kids. Am I risking permanent injury?’ So all that stuff comes flooding into your head after something like that happens, and I need to take a real honest look at this, and assess where I’m at. Is it me?”

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