AEW President Tony Khan believes that the AEW product can stand up right next to any other pro wrestling product, including New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Khan made the comments on Twitter last night after Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer responded to a fan who said they shouldn’t have watched NJPW before AEW Dynamite last night.

Meltzer responded, “Never watch NJPW right before any other promotion. Always watch it last. I have that rule for a reason. Watch NJPW and everything after looks way too contrived in comparison.”

Khan responded to Meltzer’s tweet and defended his product.

“We’ve tried to set a standard by frequently opening with great matches we believe can stand up beside whatever you watched prior, like Kenny v. Pac, Nick v. Fenix, & many others. I enjoyed the opening tag tonight too. Watch whatever you want before Dynamite, I’ll take my chances,” Khan wrote.

Khan added in a follow-up project, “Also I wasn’t trying to dunk on or disrespect Dave (I respect him a lot) or minimize his opinions (which I often agree with). He’s entitled to watch any show he wants in any order. I was just surprised that’s his rule, and surprised he’d imply everyone should watch in that order.”

You can see Khan’s full tweets below: