Triple H Talks If There Was A Real Rivalry Between The Kliq And Undertaker's Bone Street Krew

In the mid-90s Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Scott Waltman formed their own backstage group, known as The Kliq. Around that same time The Undertaker also had a group of guys he typically hung out with backstage, also known as The Bone Street Krew. This group included The Godfather, Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Henry Godwinn, Mideon, and others.


Triple H appeared on Gorilla Position (h/t 411 Mania for the transcription) to discuss if the two groups ever had any actual problems with each other. Aside from Shawn Michaels ? who Triple H noted had heat with everyone ? most of the members got along fine with each other on the road.

"There was no real animosity or anything there but like putting stickers on the locker room or whatever, we'd play it up in front of each other," Triple H said. "If we were in Germany and everybody went to the bar at night, we'd put our crew on one side, they'd put their crew on the other side. We'd laugh about it and talk about it the next day and everything like that. By the end of the night, when things thinned out, we might all be together in the same place laughing and joking, but the majority of people saw us separated."


A number of The Bone Street Krew members ended up getting BSK tattoos, which was something Triple H said The Kliq was not going to replicate.

"I remember when they all got tattoos," Triple H recalled. "We all were like, 'Oh my God, none of us are getting Kliq tattoos, I can tell you that. They're laughing at us and saying we're a bunch of marks for ourselves, Oh my God, they all got tattoos?'"

You can check out the full interview in the video below.