Triple H On Karrion Kross And Scarlett, Damian Priest's Big Night At Takeover, Backlot Brawl, More

As seen above, Triple H spoke with Renee Young after the WWE NXT "Takeover: In Your House" event. Below are highlights:

* He thought the old school production was incredible. He gave the crew props for re-creating the original In Your House set and mentioned Todd Pettengill's appearances. He revealed that NXT General Manager William Regal did the voice-overs like Lord Alfred Hayes for the retro-style promos, including the IcoPro


* He loved the Code Orange opening performance and said music sets the tone for events like these. Those NXT Loud bands are looking for an outlet to do what they do, and NXT gives them that. The band was just sitting at home in Pittsburgh when they got the call to come down. They drove straight to Orlando and set up their own equipment. He said Code Orange is like family to NXT now and they are fans of the product

* He called the six-woman tag team match phenomenal. He's incredibly proud of what the women's division did tonight with opening and closing the show. He said no one is given anything in NXT, they earn the main event and he'd hate to have to follow what we saw tonight

* He said new NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai has been a game changer for him. It took a little bit of time for her to make the transition but she's consistently delivered and here we are. He's been saying it since she got here – she is one of the best if not the best women's performer and she proved it at Takeover. He gave her props for the dive off the set and said she continues to grow, showing the world why she's in the spot she's in. He also praised Rhea Ripley and said the Ripley he saw tonight is way better than the one who became champion last year. The loss has already made her grow as a performer and he thinks we haven't even seen her scratch the surface of what she's going to be. He said if you could make a Superstar and build it, you'd make a Rhea Ripley because she has it all. He also praised Charlotte Flair and said she wasn't handed anything, nothing was given to her because of who her dad is. He called her one of the best women's performers and said she deserves everything. He also said Charlotte wanted to come to NXT and help the women get to another level. That's awesome and what the business is all about, he said. He also named the competitors from the six-woman match and said the NXT women's division is special


* Regarding Johnny Gargano, he said there's not a match he's had that hasn't been incredible. He's been neck & neck with Tommaso Ciampa with trying to find anyone that can outdo them. They're consistent and deliver every time. The match with NXT North American Champion Keith Lee was insane, it had everything and was epic. It still had fun moments like the door bell, he said. He said Lee may have had one of the best 2019s, along with Ripley and NXT Champion Adam Cole, and even Gargano couldn't stop him. Lee goes nowhere but up from here and he sees no one that can stop Lee

* Renee asked about Karrion Kross defeating Tommaso Ciampa. He said Kross definitely planted his flag with the win. Kross made a statement in definitively putting Ciampa away. Kross is one of the guys he thinks of when he thinks who can stop the momentum of guys like Lee and Cole. He also praised Scarlett and said they bring a total package that has it all, the "It Factor" and everything

* Regarding the Backlot Brawl with Cole retaining over The Velveteen Dream, Triple H said the cinematic-style matches have been a lot of fun. They've been experimental with everything up in the air as of late. Having the cars circling the ring with trainees was something different. He really enjoyed the Backlot Brawl and thought Cole and Dream had a hell of a match. He thought it was very aggressive and the style was great, and the talent in the cars was great. Renee praised the creative and production teams, and he agreed


* Renee asked who is the breakout star of this Takeover and he reminded her about Finn Balor's win over Damian Priest. Balor won but Triple H isn't sure if anyone else had a night like Priest did. He said Priest had a star-making night. Everyone already knew how good he was but with this match Priest put a stamp on it. He said you could argue that Priest had the moment of the night with a breakout performance. He said it's hard to name one top talent from the night as everyone had a hell of a night all across the board. He joked that maybe Pettengill had the best night with his return