Wade Boggs is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and also has some wrestling ties. He appeared in a vignette alongside his friend Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig in the 90s and later inducted Hennig into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Boggs was a five-time batting champion and he talked about what makes a great hitter when he was interviewed by Wrestling Inc’s Andy Malnoske.

“I’ve always said that great hitters are born. There is a work ethic involved but you’re not gonna take a .240 hitter and turn him into a .340 hitter,” said Boggs who was a career .328 hitter. “You can make a .310 hitter maybe .320 or .325. But guys that hit .350, .360, .370 ? those guys come around once in a lifetime.”

Nearly as impressive as Boggs’ hitting exploits were his drinking exploits. He once allegedly drank 70 beers during a cross-country flight which was later depicted during an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Boggs talked about that and revealed if that urban legend of 70 beers is true.

“It’s all true. It’s not fictitious; it’s not made up,” admitted Boggs. “Always Sunny was a great gig and the script was pretty hilarious.”

Both Boggs and Mr. Perfect lived in Tampa and the two Hall of Famers were very close. Boggs retold a story about how Mr. Perfect saved his life after a freak accident.

“He was my guardian angel. We were on a hunting trip in Iowa and I got entangled in barbed wire. I was climbing a fence and thank God he was there because he got me untangled,” recalled Boggs. “He wound up carrying me a mile on his shoulder as I was bleeding on my right leg. He got me to the hospital and he basically saved my life because I would have bled to death probably on that barbed wire if he wasn’t there.”

After Mr. Perfect died in 2003, Boggs was the first person that WWE thought of when they wanted to induct Hennig into the Hall of Fame.

“It was very emotional when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for WWE. I had the great honor of having Vince McMahon asking me to do it and it’s one of those memories I will cherish forever,” stated Boggs before being asked what’s something that everyone should know about Hennig.

“Probably his selflessness. He would give you the shirt off his back with his generosity towards others. He could light up a room like nobody else and that was the neat thing. He had that infectious laugh and I miss him every day.”

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