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Intro song. (Hail the Crown)

Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the WWE Performance Center. Oney Lorcan makes his way to the ring accompanied by his long-time tag partner Danny Burch. He’ll be facing Ever-Rise’s Chase Parker, with Matt Martel.

Oney Lorcan versus Chase Parker

Tie-up. Parker grabs wrist control and manipulates the joints to bring Lorcan to the mat. Lorcan switches over and grabs a headlock. Lorcan blocks an attempt by Parker to bounce him off the ropes. Parker creates some separation but Lorcan lands a big strike that sends Parker into the turnbuckles. Both men reset. Parker kicks Lorcan in the gut…Lorcan shakes it off and smashes Parker’s head off the turnbuckle. Big chop by Lorcan. Another.

Martel distracts Lorcan giving Parker the opportunity to gain control with a strike. Parker hits a single-leg dropkick, then grinds his elbow across Lorcan’s neck while applying a hammerlock. Lorcan manages to break the hold. He nails an atomic drop, then follows up with a reverse atomic drop. Lorcan goes for a corner uppercut but Parker gets his boot up. Parker can’t capitalize and runs into an uppercut. Running blockbuster from Lorcan…and that’ll do it.

Oney Lorcan wins by pinfall

As soon as the match ends manager Malcolm Bivens comes out and congratulates Oney Lorcan. This gives Ever-Rise an opening to assault Lorcan and Burch from behind. Bivens sends the huge tag team of Rinku and Gurjar in the ring to inflict more pain on Lorcan and Burch. Graves asks who on NXT can stop this team?

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A special vignette showing cruiserweight champion Santos Escobar, formerly known as El Hijo del Fantasma. Graves and Saxton discuss the champ’s new trio, which also features Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. Footage from NXT on USA is played, where Drake Maverick attacked Escobar and his posse, but ended up getting sent through a table.

Main event time. Jake Atlas is out first for his 205 Live debut. He’ll be facing Jack Gallagher, who is out second.

Jake Atlas versus Jack Gallagher

Tie-up. Atlas quickly grabs the wrist and brings Gallagher down. Atlas adds more pressure with an arm-ringer…Gallagher uses his ring technique to escape and lands a kick on Atlas’ chest. Pace picks up…Atlas goes for a moonsault but instead lands on his feet and taunts Gallagher. Gallagher doesn’t like that and slaps Atlas across the face. Atlas shakes it off and responds with an arsenal of high-risk maneuvers, including an impressive springboard arm-drag. Suplex attempt…Gallagher blocks and drops Atlas right over the ropes to gain the advantage. Stiff knee shots to Atlas’ gut. Gallagher drives his shoulder and throws multiple right hands that have Atlas grasping for air. Snapmare and PK for a nearfall. Gallagher sets Atlas up…dropkick to the shoulders.

Atlas traps Gallagher in the corner and chops him hard…Gallagher asks for more…a flurry of strikes by Atlas. Gallagher responds with a diving headbutt to Atlas’ gut. He goes for an armbar…Atlas stacks him for a pin attempt…two count. Gallagher slows the action with an abdominal stretch. Atlas almost steals the match with a neckbreaker. Guillotine choke by Gallagher…Atlas is in trouble…he gets to the ropes to break the hold. Atlas hits a snap-German suplex out of nowhere. Rainbow DDT…he got em!

Jake Atlas wins by pinfall

Atlas celebrates in the ring as Gallagher looks distraught.

That’s the show friends.