WWE Legend Denies Triple H Request For WWE NXT "Takeover: In Your House", Todd Pettengill - NXT Note

Former WWE on-air talent Todd Pettengill trended on social media for his special pre-recorded appearances during last night's WWE NXT "Takeover: In Your House" event. PWInsider reports that Pettengill filmed his spots via a green screen that was set up at his home studio in Texas. There's no word on if Pettengill will do any future work with WWE.

In other retro-related news from the "Takeover: In Your House" event, WWE Hall of Famer and Producer Michael "PS" Hayes may have turned down an appearance at last night's show, but he did take to Twitter and praise the brand, calling the event one of the best pay-per-views to watch.

Hayes wrote, "Once again.... how great was Takerover In Your House!!! Most consitally, one of the best PPV's to watch!! CONGRATS to all the Talent!! HOMERUN!!"

Hayes posted those comments as a reply to a screenshot from the Johnny Gargano segment where he looked at a photo on the living room wall of Hayes as his old Dox Hendrix character.

Triple H joked during his post-show media call that he tried hard to get Hayes to cut his hair and show up on Takeover as Hendrix. He joked that Hayes' refusal was "loud and very intense," also indicating that Hayes didn't know about the Dok photo being used ahead of time as he called Triple H during the broadcast.

Triple H noted that the throwback moments shown during Takeover were fun and he believes the fans enjoyed them. He also indicated that this could be a yearly thing for the NXT brand. As noted before, NXT General Manager William Regal did the voice-overs for the retro-style promos, as WWE Hall of Famer Lord Alfred Hayes did years ago. Triple H praised Regal for doing his best Lord Alfred impersonation. He said they try to do some things outside of the box, and some of works and when it does, you want to bring it back and have fun with it. That's what he loved about the show, adding that "Takeover: In Your House" was every bit of today's product with the excitement and the energy, but it still had a nostalgic feel.

You can see Hayes' full tweet below: