WWE NXT Superstar Jake Atlas and his coming out story is featured in a special edition of People Magazine.

Atlas announced on Twitter today that his coming out story is included in People’s new Pride Issue 2020, which was released to newsstands today.

He wrote, “I’m excited to share that my coming out story is featured in @people magazine’s ‘The Pride Issue 2020’ this week – out on newsstands today!”

The People story notes that the 25 year old Atlas became the first openly gay male in pro wrestling, which isn’t exactly true, but he would be WWE’s first openly gay recruit. It was also noted that he came out professionally via Twitter, calling it his way of “going in headfirst.” He also came out to his mother when he was 15.

“I came out to my mom when I was 15. She cried because she was disappointed,” Atlas said. “Today I’m educating her and trying to understand her as well. That’s the important part about acceptance – understanding each other so we can find common ground and move forward.”

Atlas also said he doesn’t want to be known as ‘the gay wrestler,” adding, “You’re not going to watch me because I’m gay.”

Atlas recently competed in the tournament for the NXT Cruiserweight Title. He made his official NXT TV debut back in April after being signed last fall following an appearance on Stephanie McMahon’s Undercover Boss episode. He had worked the indies before that.

You can see Atlas’ full tweet below, with shots from the People story: