WWE NXT UK Superstar Ligero (Simon Musk) has deactivated his Twitter account in the wake of sexual harassment allegations made against him last week.

As noted, a UK indie wrestler, Natalie Sykes, first took to Twitter to issue a statement on her negative experiences with the masked wrestler, who started training her when she was 17. An excerpt from the statement reads: “He started messaging me on Snapchat but later it was WhatsApp. He then began making sexual comments about me which made me very uncomfortable but I thought I had a thick enough skin to deal with it so I would never directly confront him but just laugh it off so he wouldn’t get mad at me.

“It got to a point where the comments were constant,” Sykes continues. “He would also ask me for selfies or photos of me wearing my wrestling gear after it was just posted to me (to ‘show him what it looked like’). I never sent him photos because I thought it was very weird but when I would post on Instagram he would tell me how pretty I was etc. He also became rather obsessive over my private relationships with people not involved in wrestling. Belittling me and bullying them and constantly highlighting how bad the relationship was and encouraging us to breakup…”

Ligero later took to social media to comment on the matter, denying that Sykes’ portrayal of the events was accurate.

“The current story that has been released by Violet O’Hara/Claire-Michelle Oldfield is neither accurate nor true,” Ligero wrote. “This is a completely false allegation and whilst I’ve done other things in my life that I deeply regret, this isn’t an accurate or truthful portrayal of events. This is something I strongly deny and is something I’ve been in the process of speaking to a legal team about…”

You can read his full response here. As we’ve noted, WWE issued a statement on the various allegations in the new “#SpeakingOut” movement on social media. They wrote:

“Individuals are responsible for their own personal actions. WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated.”

You can see Ligero’s Twitter account prior to being deleted in the image below: