During the Busted Open podcast, Zelina Vega was asked by Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca if she would be okay with putting away her wrestling boots and just working as a manager.

"No, wrestling was my first love and I'll never grow out of that," Vega said. "I'll never feel fulfilled unless I get that run. I truly feel as a singles competitor, that's going to be a whole new level.

"Right now my job is to put the other guys over, but when I bring it myself, I don't think people will be ready for that. When it's going to happen, there's going to be no stopping me there. When I mean that, I mean everybody."

Vega also mentioned how her match with Bianca Belair on the Raw after WrestleMania was an on the fly change to the show. She noted that she needed to make sure she was ready it since she hadn't wrestled for WWE in some time.

"That was something that just happened that day, it wasn't planned and I had to be ready for it," she said. "For me, it's just finding all kinds of ways to make sure I'm prepared. That doesn't mean just for wrestling, that goes for being a manager, I'm trying to make sure I'm ready for any and every opportunity that comes my way because I don't want to be one of those people that they go let's give her the ball and then be known as the one that drops it. That definitely won't be me."

On the May 19th episode of Monday Night Raw, Austin Theory, who was a member of Zelina's new formed stable, left the group to become a member Seth Rollins new stable involving Buddy Murphy and AOP. Vega discussed who she has more chemistry with between Andrade and Angel Garza in her reformed stable.

"I've been with Andrade longer," Vega said. "If I'm lacking in something, especially when it comes to picking up my game wrestling wise, he fulfilled that, when it came to promos, I fulfilled him in that way. We balance each other out, but Angel is such a force to be reckoned with. He's very independent and like a new puppy. He's such a great mind. I've always loved Eddie Guerrero, when I look at people just solely on who reminds me of him, Angel does that when it comes to personality and Andrade does that with his work wrestling wise."

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