Adam Cole Storms Off Pat McAfee Show After Being Told He's "Kind Of Small"

During an interview on The Pat McAfee Show show, Adam Cole got into a heated argument with McAfee leading to Cole storming off the show and reportedly breaking a microphone and a headset. The argument, which appeared to have been a work, started when McAfee asked Cole about the comparisons he's been receiving to Shawn Michaels as a wrestler while noting, "You're nowhere near what Shawn Michaels was."

"First of all Shawn Michaels himself has said theres a lot of comparisons between the two of us," Cole said. "Which to me is a huge compliment. In my opinion, he's the greatest of all time. I, by any means have never said I'm as good as Shawn Michaels ever. I know I have years and years before I get to that point. I think Shawn realizes that maybe I'm on my way to having a career like his. He'll tell you and I'll tell you I'm not worried about becoming the second coming of Shawn Michaels, I'm going to be the first Adam Cole."

McAfee responded by continuing his point about Cole not being comparable to Michaels. He also inferred that Cole had used the Undisputed Era to grow his brand to become the longest reigning NXT Champion in history while Michaels had to do it all by himself.

"He was able to make his name all by himself," McAfee said. "This is the big difference with you, whenever you got brought into NXT to be the king that you call [yourself], they surrounded you with people. Some people say this, I don't say this. People say you surrounded yourself, which is very smart and they might have done it for you, who are also very very talented, maybe even more talented than you, and then the Undisputed Era got a chance to take off."

Cole responded by saying that he took time out his day with family to show up to the show and was completely disrespected by McAfee.

"You're being a total dick right now," Cole said. "I find it so ironic that of all people to say that I surrounded myself with really great talent and that's the reason I succeeded, of all people you? What a punter? You being a team that literally did everything, you just happened to kick a football every now and then and all of a sudden you feel like you're really really important.

"Of all people to say that to me that I surround myself with super talented people and thats the only reason that I'm successful? You're a psycho."

The conversation continued with McAfee reassuring that he didn't say "the only reason" but rather, "the main reason". This led to Cole saying Pat had been taking shots at him throughout their entire conversation and that his jab about McAfee being a punter was warranted.

"I was the player of the decade at my position," McAfee said. "Although I was surrounded by good people, it was just me and a ball."

"And Pat guess what?" Cole said. "I was the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time. And guess who did that all by themselves? Oh, thats right me. Did it all by myself."

"Nope, don't believe that, we watched the Takeovers Adam," McAfee replied. "The Undisputed Era is the main reason why you've succeeded. By the way, smart, thats business baby, especially for you cause you're kind of small."

After that comment was made, Cole tossed the microphone and exclaimed, "F*** you Pat, seriously I'm sick of your sh**. I come all the way here take time away from my family to come and do your stupid f***ing show and you're going to continue to disrespect me? F*** you Pat, F*** you."

McAfee posted a tweet about the incident stating that Cole broke a microphone, a headset, and pushed one of his workers before storming out of their office. The tweet can be seen below.

To close the show, McAfee talked about the incident and how upset he was about the entire situation. McAfee mentioned how he wasn't sure if Cole was going to be waiting for him outside of the main studio to fight.

"Have we ever been that disrespected in our own studio before?" McAfee said. "You don't know with this guy. We're having a good conversation, we're off and running and then all of a sudden boom, he's right here saying f*** you, f*** this. What's he doing now breaking sh** in the office? What am I going to do? Fight this guy out here? Adam Cole is a f***ing asshole."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Pat McAfee Show with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.