AEW star Big Swole took to her Twitter account and released a letter detailing what her experience has been like competing as a black professional wrestler.

“During this time I chose writing as my form of release. Holding in so much at one time is exhausting, but now is not the time to give up either. Please take your time and allow healing to flow. Much love,” Swole wrote alongside the message.

In the letter, titled “We Just Want To Be Heard”, the AEW star says that there remain “people in this business who actively try to deter the careers of black wrestlers”. Swole also mentions that when individuals try to speak up about racism playing a role in a company’s booking, shaming sometimes follows.

“The conversation that has been told but never heard is finally here. Imagine expressing your innermost concerns and having them fall on deaf ears for decades. Imagine being told “I already have enough Blacks on my roster.” This is what it is like being a black professional wrestler,” Swole said. “The keys to Black wrestlers’ success have been dangled up high but just close enough to give hope. Like the aliens looking at the claw in ‘Toy Story’, every once and awhile one reaches the claw but then the cycle starts all over again.

“Why is it that Black people dominate and excel in other participated sports except for wrestling? What is it about this profession that is different from the inner workings of other professional sports? One of the main issues is there are people in this business who actively try to deter the careers of Black wrestlers,” she continued. “Whether it is intentional or unintentional it is happening and when someone speaks up about the ongoing racism, crickets and shaming follows.

“Black wrestlers are being cut off at the knees to fit this mold that is deemed acceptable in order to place a price on worthiness. Years of hard work has culminated into a position where the shut up and color customs are consolation prizes. There has been outpours of mistreatment and discrimination but again crickets. The time for listening, hearing, comprehending, advocating and allying is now. Be the change,” Swole finished.

As of late, Swole has been in a heated rivalry with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. on AEW television. She was even suspended in storyline for kidnapping Britt Baker two weeks ago on Dynamite.

You can see Big Swole’s full tweet below: