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Excalibur and Taz welcome us to another super-sized edition of Dark. They immediately throw it down to ring announcer Justin Roberts to introduce the first matchup.

The Initiative (Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon) (w/ Leva Bates) vs. FTR

Before the match starts, the camera pans over to The Young Bucks, who are in the audience watching this match closely. Tully Blanchard is also looking on. The bell rings, Cash Wheeler and Peter Avalon begin the matchup. Avalon gets out of harm’s way. Wheeler tags in Dax Harwood. Harwood keeps Avalon in a side headlock hold. Avalon rolls out and tags in Brandon Cutler. Cutler gets smashed in between FTR. Wheeler tags himself in. Cutler flies off the ropes with what looks like a palm strike. Avalon and Cutler team together with a flapjack on Wheeler. Avalon goes for a quick cover, Wheeler kicks out at 2.

Wheeler takes control of Cutler with a wristlock. He heads over to tag in Harwood. Harwood keeps the offense up for FTR when he steps in the ring. FTR snaps Cutler on the ropes. Wheeler makes his way back in as the legal man. Wheeler puts Cutler in another side headlock. Cutler rises to his feet and sends Wheeler out with a suplex. Harwood comes in for his partner now. Wheeler distracts referee Aubrey Edwards, while Wheeler slaps Cutler across the face. Leva Bates tries to step in by giving Cutler a book. Wheeler rips up the book. Cutler makes a tag to Avalon. Avalon comes flying in with a crossbody, followed by moonsault off the middle rope. Harwood sends Avalon inside-out with a powerful clothesline. FTR connects a spike piledriver on Avalon before closing out the match with a pinfall victory.

Winners: FTR

Post-Match: FTR shakes The Young Bucks’ hands before they leave.

We continue with more tag team action!

Michael Nakazawa & Pineapple Pete vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

Sonny Kiss and Michael Nakazawa begin the match. Kiss comes in with a dropkick. Kiss locks Nakazawa in the “Kiss My SASS.” Nakazawa has a bottle of oil in his hand. It spills everywhere. Joey Janela connects a double dropkick on Nakazawa and Pineapple Pete. Kiss sends Pete into the corner with an Irish Whip. Pete goes over the top and lands a midsection hit on Kiss. Pete goes for a cover, Kiss kicks out at 2. Pete locks Kiss up. Kiss flips out of a double suplex. Janela suplexes Nakazawa towards the turnbuckle. Janela lands a diving splash, but he isn’t able to pick up the pinfall. Nakazawa takes off his raspberry pants and tries to shove them in Janela’s face. Janela moves out of the way. Pete, unfortunately, didn’t get the memo to move too. He gets all that stink in his face. Kiss flies off the top with a split leg drop. Kiss goes for the pin and picks up the win!

Winners: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

The newly signed Abadon makes her appearance next!

Abadon vs. Skyler Moore

Abadon rains down numerous shots on Skyler Moore as the match begins. Moore lays in some elbow shots up until Abadon sends her on the mat with an elbow of her own. Moore capitalizes several shots before landing a devastating DDT on Abadon. Abadon sits up and twists her head. You can hear her entire head and neck snap. This scares Moore, so she decides to run out of the ring as fast as she can. Abadon catches her. Moore tries to fight Abadon off of her. She’s able to send Abadon into the barricade temporarily, before heading back into the ring. Moore pulls through with a front face slam. But it isn’t enough to win the match. Abadon kicks out of the pin at 2. Abadon crushes Moore into the mat with a full-body drop. Abadon picks up the pinfall victory right after.

Winner: Abadon

Before the next match, we see Shawn Spears. He says the moment he received his black glove from Blanchard, he’s felt invincible. He believes no one can stop him and his newfound power.

We head back to the ring for the fourth match of the evening!

Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) vs. Shawn Dean & Will Hobbs

Stu Grayson charges towards Shawn Dean right after the bell rings. Grayson grabs ahold of Dean and drags him towards his corner to tag in Evil Uno. Evil smashes his elbow into Dean’s shoulder blades. Evil Uno sends Dean over to his corner. Dean escapes with two back elbow counters on Evil Uno and Grayson. Dean’s momentum wears thin. He gets caught in a suplex from Grayson. Evil Uno makes his way back in. Uno holds on to Dean as Grayson connects a big elbow drop. Evil Uno heads over to Dean’s corner, then takes Will Hobbs off the apron with a dropkick.

Dean breaks Evil Uno down with a swinging neckbreaker. He follows it up with a dropkick on Grayson, who falls off the apron. Dean shifts his focus on Grayson with a flip over the top rope. Dean tags in Hobbs. Hobbs smashes Uno into every turnbuckle around him. Grayson rolls in and connects Knightfall on Hobbs. After taking out Dean, the Dark Order keep their hard-hitting momentum going with a Fatality on Dean. Dark Order pin Dean and pick up the win.

Winners: Dark Order

Scorpio Sky makes his way down to the ring for his singles match!

Scorpio Sky vs. Corey Hollis

The bell rings. Both men lockup up. They reset. Corey Hollis shoots for a single leg takedown, but Scorpio Sky reverses it with a standing switch. Sky sets Hollis up for a Manhattan Drop, followed by a Russian Legsweep. Sky goes for the cover. Hollis kicks out at 2. Hollis takes Sky off of his feet with a missile dropkick. Hollis hooks Sky’s leg for a pin. Sky kicks out at 2. Hollis corners Sky. Sky rolls out by sending Hollis into the corner via an Irish Whip. Hollis jumps off the middle rope with a back kick smack to Sky. Hollis goes for another cover, Sky kicks out again. Sky goes for an inside hook, but his move is countered with a strong clothesline. Hollis heads towards the top rope. Hollis flies off. Sky plays possum by putting his boots up in time before Hollis lands on top of him. Sky sends Hollis down and out with a TKO. Sky grabs the victory via pinfall.

Winner: Scorpio Sky

Following that, the action continues with Kenzie Paige and Penelope Ford.

Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) vs. Kenzie Paige

Penelope Ford doesn’t give Kenzie Paige a moment to show off her skills as the match begins. Ford Irish Whips Paige into the corner. Ford charges towards Paige. Paige puts her boots up in time. Paige sends Ford off her feet with a clothesline. Ford gets up and smashes Paige’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Ford locks Paige up on the ropes. The referee calls for a rope break. Ford has Paige in a Camel Clutch in the center of the ring. Ford breaks the hold with a shot towards Paige’s back. Ford hoists Paige up then drops her with a gut buster. Paige surprisingly gets back up after that horrific gut buster. She lands a few forearm shots before Ford rocks Paige with a cutter followed by a pump kick. Ford hooks Paige up with a fisherman’s suplex. Paige doesn’t get her shoulders up in time. Ford wins the match.

Winner: Penelope Ford

The singles’ action continues with the big, bad, and powerful Wardlow!

Wardlow vs. Aaron Solow

Aaron Solow ducks under Wardlow. Solow connects two kicks before Wardlow sends Solow down with an uppercut. Wardlow is on the warpath. He smashes himself into Solow’s midsection. He charges towards Solow, who puts his boots up in time. Wardlow resisted Solow’s kicks by spiking Solow down on the mat. The referee calls for the match to end after Wardlow smashes his powerful knee into Solow’s jaw.

Winner By KO: Wardlow

Post-Match: Wardlow continues to punish Solow.

For those who like the Dark Order, more of their followers will be in tag team action next!

Best Friends vs. 3 & 4 (Alex Reynolds & John Silver)

3 & 4 don’t let Best Friends make their way into the ring before the lay the smackdown on them from behind. Best Friends fire back by sending both members of the Dark Order into the outside barricades. Alex Reynolds pump kicks Trent down on the mat. John Silver gets tagged in. Silver sends Trent face-first towards the top turnbuckle. Trent tries to fight back with a back elbow. Reynolds is back in. He pump kicks Trent then goes for a pin. Chuck Taylor breaks the count. Reynolds sends Taylor out of the ring. Silver tags himself back in. Both him and Trent exchange forearm shots. Trent gets the upper hand. Reynolds knocks Taylor off the apron before he can get a tag from Trent. Taylor climbs back up on the apron and gets tagged in. Taylor sends Reynolds down with a Falcon Arrow. But Taylor doesn’t pick up the pinfall. Trent meets Reynolds up on the ropes. Trent locks Reynolds’ up by his waist and sends him flying off the top with a release German Suplex. Taylor ends the match with the Awful Waffle. Best Friends pick up the victory.

Winners: Best Friends

Post-Match: The rest of the Dark Order followers head into the ring. Best Friends roll out and taunt them.

After that impressive tag bout, Lance Archer makes his way down to the ring for his singles match.

Lance Archer (w/ Jake Roberts) vs. Frankie Thomas

The bell rings. Frankie Thomas tries to lay down a few shots, but none of them knock Lance Archer off of his feet. Archer shoulder blocks Thomas then sends him towards the corner. Archer smacks Thomas in the back before throwing him across the ring with a suplex. Archer has Thomas up in a chokehold. Thomas jumps out of it. Thomas flies out of the ring but gets caught by Archer midair. While Archer waits for Thomas to get back up, he finds another wrestler in the audience to bully. Thomas rolls through and tries to put Archer in a sleeper hold. Archer blocks his attempt. Archer chokeslams Thomas down on the mat then drives Thomas’ skull into the mat. Archer climbs on top of Thomas for the pin, and he gets it.

Winner: Lance Archer

AEW’s most loveable wrestler Orange Cassidy is in action next!

Orange Cassidy vs. Serpentico

Orange Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and connects a beautiful arm drag on Serpentico. Next, he sends Serpentico off his feet with a dropkick. Cassidy flies through the ropes with tope suicida. Serpentico rolls Cassidy back into the ring. Both men head up top. Serpentico sends Cassidy down on the mat with a superplex then floats over. Cassidy blocks Serpentico’s leg, rolls him up and grabs the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Up next, the Birthday Boy Sammy Guevara takes part in a co-main event match against Fuego Del Sol!

Sammy Guevara vs. Fuego Del Sol

Sammy Guevara lifts Fuego Del Sol with a standing switch. After sending Del Sol on the mat, Guevara poses on top of him. Del Sol gains some defensive control with a bridging pin on Guevara. Guevara gets his shoulders up at the 2. Guevara fires back with a rising knee strike. Guevara goes for a cover. Del Sol kicks out. Guevara sends Del Sol out of the ring. Guevara pulls a fake-out before rolling to the outside. Guevara rolls Del Sol back into the ring. Del Sol sends Guevara face-first into the mat. Del Sol heads to the top. He flies off only to be met with a GTH from Guevara. The Birthday Boy wins the match!

Winner: Sammy Guevara

Matt Hardy speaks to Private Party before their main event match. Hardy is proud of how far PP has come, but he doesn’t want them to let him down tonight. We head to the ring for our main event.

SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) vs. Santana & Ortiz vs. Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy)

Frankie Kazarian and Isiah Kassidy start the matchup. Kassidy puts a headlock on Kazarian. Kazarian reveres it with a drop toe hold. Ortiz tags himself in. Santana runs in with a rolling moonsault on Kazarian. He becomes the legal man. Kazarian tags in Christopher Daniels. SCU joins forces with a double elbow on Santana’s spine. Daniels goes for a cover, Santana kicks out at 2. Marq Quen is now the legal man. He lands a step-up enziguri before tagging Kassidy back in. Daniels rolls Kassidy up. Kassidy gets his shoulders up at 2. Ortiz and Daniels square off. Both men collide with a double clothesline on each other. Private Party flies off the top rope opposite of each other. Santana rolls in with a beautiful kick on Quen. Daniels connects a Blue Thunder Bomb on Santana. Ortiz low blows Quen while the referee was distracted. Ortiz hooks the leg on Quen and wins the match.

Winners: Ortiz & Santana

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!