AEW Dynamite Fight For The Fallen Results: Jon Moxley Defends Title Against Brian Cage

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- Jim Ross, Taz, and Excalibur on commentary. Tony Schiavone's COVID-19 test results was slow to return, so out of caution they had him stay home for tonight's show.

Cody (c) with Arn Anderson vs. Sonny Kiss (AEW TNT Championship)

Kiss comes out with some Jaguar Cheerleaders and puts on a dance before making his way to the ring. Justin Roberts announces tonight's match with Aubrey Edwards handling referee duties. Cody goes right after kiss, kicks in the corner, hangs him out to dry over the top rope and then does a few push-ups. Kiss tries to send Cody out to the floor, Cody skins the cat, then hits a disaster kick, cover, two.

Kiss with a forearm strike, sends Cody out to the floor, couple more shots. Back in the ring, Kiss lands a few more kicks, handspring slap, Cody ducks it and goes for a full nelson. Tully Blanchard looks on from the crowd. Kiss fading a bit, but finally breaks out of it. Kiss with an overhead suplex, kip-up, and lands a hurricanrana. Matrix dodge into a hurricanrana takedown on Cody.

Kiss with a shot to Cody's face, he's stuck in the corner and gets nailed with an ax kick, cover, two. Kiss went for a split-leg drop, nobody home. Cody tries for cross rhodes, Kiss reverses into one of his own, cover, two-count. 450 splash off the top rope by Kiss, cover, two-count! Kiss tries for a headscissors, Cody blocks it and sends him out to the ramp. Alabama slam on the ramp, Cody rolls Kiss back in the ring, Kiss gets a foot on the rope. Cody picks Kiss up and lands a vertebreaker, cover, two, Cody tries again, two-count.

Cody takes his weightbelt off, tosses it aside. Cody puts Kiss up on the top rope, he goes up and lands a superplex. Pin attempt, cover, two. Cody bickers with Aubrey a bit, Kiss with the roll-up, two. Cody goes right into a crossface, Kiss breaks it up though. Cody throws big shots on Kiss' face. Cody has the ref check Kiss, then yanks the turnbuckle pad off. Cody clearly frustrated in this match. He tries to throw Kiss into it, he reverses and sends Cody into the exposed turnbuckle, cover, two. Kiss with some big forearms, roundhouse kick, goes for a discus forearm, Cody ducks, cross rhodes hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Cody via Pinfall

- Post-match, Cody checks on Kiss and gives his opponent a hug. He says a few words and raises up Kiss' hand.

FTR vs. Lucha Brothers

The Blade and The Butcher enter the building with Lucha Brothers, but stay behind to watch the match. Pentagon beats up Harwood as things get going. Fenix tagged in, they try to do a double team move where Pentagon flips Fenix down on his opponent, they don't quite get the momentum and Fenix ends up doing a mini-splash. Wheeler with the blind tag and is able to drop down on Fenix. Drop toe hold by Wheeler, elbow drop by Harwood. Quick leg drop by Harwood.

Camera showing Tully Blanchard yet again, he's getting a lot of camera time tonight. Pentagon with a sunset flip on Wheeler, with Fenix landing a big penalty kick. He kicks Harwood off the apron. Double kicks to Wheeler, then Fenix with a missile dropkick off the apron down on Harwood. Fenix leaps off the top rope and eats a european uppercut. Butcher and Blade still watching on. Harwood tags in and punches away at anything that moves, two suplexes on Fenix. He then suplexes Pentagon down on Fenix. Harwood bleeding a bit from the chest due to chops he received earlier in the match.

Harwood sent out to the floor, Lucha Bros double team Wheeler, double leg kicks, assisted body splash by Fenix, springboard leg drop by Pentagon, cover, two. Fenix look for a spike piledriver, nope. Fenix tries for a hurricanrana, Wheeler blocks it. Harwood tags in and ends up on the top rope with Pentagon. Fenix tags in. Pentagon takes a superplex. Wheeler tries for a splash, knees up by Pentagon. Fenix tries for a splash of his own, but Harwood gets his knees up, as well. Fenix and Harwood end up on the floor. Pentagon lands a slingblade on Wheeler. They are on the apron now, back and forth chops. Pentagon ends up on the floor, diving swinging DDT on Wheeler. Fenix with a step-up crossbody down on Wheeler. Back in the ring, Harwood eats a hook kick by Fenix, Fenix tries for another, Harwood yanks Fenix's mask off, roll-up, 1-2-3!

Winners: FTR via Pinfall

- Post-match, Butcher and Blade taunt FTR about still having the keys to their vehicle. From behind, Matt and Nick Jackson sneak up and superkick both guys. Now they have the keys. Matt and Nick head to the ring and give FTR their keys. Kenny Omega walks into the ring from the back with a cooler of beers after he dumped out theirs last week. Omega says he'll have one and "cheers" with FTR. FTR then dumps their beer on Omega's head. Omega goes at FTR, but Young Bucks hold him back. FTR walk to their vehicle and get in. Wheeler tries to get it started, but looks to have some trouble, whoops!

- Taz leaves commentary to help Brian Cage get ready for his title match against AEW World Champion Jon Moxley.

- Chris Jericho heads out to the ring with Santana, Ortiz, and Jake Hager. Jericho with some orange juice in hand, Jericho takes the mic. Jericho says last week he not only won the match, but he won the ratings war, as well. Jericho then says he's going to explain ratings. Says while it's great to win overall viewers, it's all about the 18-49 demographic, which he's never lost. "I'm the demo God!" Jericho says he knows what the people, Orange Cassidy wants a rematch, the network, advertisers, and "the demo" want the rematch. Jericho says if you want it! You...aren't getting one.

Jericho says Cassidy took him to the edge, but couldn't get the job done. Crowd chants "you scared!" Jericho stops talk and says "the Demo God is never scared!" Jericho says congrats to Cassidy for standing in the ring for one night, now he can go back to his best friends. He takes a sip for Orange and then pours one out for Cassidy's "dead career." Cassidy's music hits and he makes his way, slowly, down through the stands.

Jericho says Cassidy is too lazy to be in the level of Jericho. He calls Cassidy a sloth and that he's entitled. He then tells Orange there will never be a rematch. More "you scared!" chants. Jericho tells Cassidy to shove his glasses up his ass and get out of the arena. Cassidy gives him a weak thumbs up and then a thumbs down. From the rafters comes a whole lot of orange juice on Inner Circle! Otiz swims and flops around. Jericho says his jacket costs $7,000! Jericho asks for a towel. He gets one, opens it up and it's a giant photo of Cassidy's face. Inner Circle point it out as we go to break.

- A grumpy Jericho joins commentary. Says there will be a rematch against Cassidy.

The Elite (Young Bucks and Kenny Omega) vs. Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus, Marko Stunt, and Jungle Boy)

JB and Nick get things started, back and forth action between each wrestler. Hangman Page having a drink in the back and watching the match. Omega and Stunt tag in, Stunt taunts Omega a bit, Kenny throws him to the mat. Omega seems unbothered by Stunt, but Stunt ends up getting the best of him. Omega ditches the shirt, then tags in Matt. Luchasaurus gets tagged in, big kick to the head, cover, two. Jurassic Express are all over The Elite. Stunt decides to do the floss dance on the floor, Nick with a dropkick to stop that nonsense.

Omega look for his big dive over the top rope, taking out two opponents. JB with a hurricanrana, sending Nick to the floor, he hits a clothesline on Omega, then a springboard swinging DDT in the ring. Luchasaurus tags in, chokeslam, standing moonsault, cover, two. FTR joins Hangman Page, who looks a bit surprised, but they end up asking for a drink.

Omega with a v-trigger, then another one. Omega hits snap dragon suplex. Stunt leaps off the top rope, another one. JB in the ring and he takes one, too. Stunt lifted into the ring from the floor and hits a hurricanrana on Omega. Extension effect on Omega, cover, Bucks break it up. They go out to the floor and battle for a moment. Stereo superkicks on Luchasaurus. Triple tiger driver 98, cover, two. The teams battle leaving Omega in the ring with Stunt. He goes for one winged angel, Stunt gets out, roll-up, 1-2-no! Omega hits v-trigger, one winged angel lands this time, cover, and that will do it.

Winners: The Elite via Pinfall

- Post-match, Omega smiles weirdly, then swings away on Stunt a bit more. Young Bucks immediately stop him, but Omega looks a bit off his rocker for a moment. Jurassic Express look annoyed and tell Omega to back off. Omega slumps back into the corner, talking to himself.

- Backstage, AEW Women's World Champion Hikaru Shida talks with Alex Marvez. Shida is asked if Nyla Rose should get another rematch due to the top contenders being out of action for various reasons. Shida says anyone can challengers and is Rose is brave/strong enough, she wants to see it.

- Earlier today, Jon Moxley says the last few weeks have not been the best for the champion, and he's been bothered by many thing. Moxley says tonight he'll be able to purge his anger though as he defends the title. Moxley says according to Taz, he can't land his finisher to Cage because he's just too big. Moxley says maybe he'll just rip Cage's torn biceps in two, the same one he just had surgery on.

Brandi Rhodes and Allie with Dustin Rhodes vs. MJ Jenkins and Kenzie Paige

Rhodes quickly drops Paige, Allie with some shots, knee lift. Brandi with a blind tag and she drops Paige. Allie barks at Brandi as these two are not getting along. Paige with a wild swing, Paige drops her. Jenkins gets tagged in, Allie with a clothesline, kick, slap to the face. Allie with a bulldog, Brandi hits a spear on Paige. Allie eats a knee, but then hits a reverse DDT/elbow drop on Jenkins, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Allie and Brandi Rhodes via Pinfall

- Nyla Rose in the ring with Dasha. Rose is asked who her manager is going to be, but Rose says she's not telling. She will let them say it for themselves. Out comes Vickie Guerrero. "Excuse me!" Guerrero says when she and Rose go after the title, it will be at the perfect time. Guerrero continues that the women's locker room should stop lying to themselves that they are any good at all, and Rose will take everything that they ever dreamed of!

- Next week:

* AEW TNT Champion Cody will defend the title
* Hangman Page vs. Five with Brodie Lee
* Ivelisse vs. Diamante
* MJF with Wardlow in action
* Young Bucks vs. The Butcher and The Blade (Falls Count Anywhere)
* Chris Jericho and Jake Hager vs. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy

Jon Moxley (c) vs. Brian Cage with Taz (AEW World Championship)

Taz gets on the mic before the match and says Moxley came on this show and was chirping. Taz says Cage is healthy and has been training his ass off while Moxley was in quarantine with his wife. Cage goes for a punch, misses, Moxley lands a bunch of punches in the corner, but gets sent to the mat with a clothesline. Commentary saying these two have never wrestled before as Cage drives his shoulder into Moxley's midsection.

Moxley tried for an fujiwara armbar, no luck, Cage lands a fallaway slam. Cage with a kick, tries for a suplex, but Moxley holds on. He lands some elbow shots, kick, dropkick off the second rope. Moxley working that bad arm of Cage, and continues to work away at it. Kick to the chest and then a cross armbreaker. Things spill out to the floor as the two brawl. Moxley puts Cages arm in the barricade and kicks it. He gets another barricade, leaning it up against the apron. Moxley looks to suplex Cage, they spin, blocked, spin again, Moxley looks for the paradigm shift, but Cage reverses it into a suplex, sending Moxley into the barricade.

The two continue to battle, a chair is setup on the floor, Cage eventually suplexes Moxley through it. Back in the ring, Moxley tries for an inside cradle, two. Goes for a roll-up, two. Moxley with some big forearm shots, but Cage lands a spinning powerslam. Cage up to the top rope, moonsault, nobody home. Moxley with a running knee to the face, then another one, and a third one. Cage with a clothesline, Moxley returns fire. Moxley hits paradigm shift! Pin, but only a two-count!

Cage on the top rope, Moxley goes to the second rope and hits a superplex. Moxley goes for a cover, two, and Moxley goes right into a kimura. Cage stands, lifts Moxley and buckle bombs him. Moxley on the apron, deadlift german suplex by Cage. Cage looks for drill claw, Moxley rolls through and tries for cross armbreaker, but Cage partially blocks it at first. Moxley picks the fingers and finally gets it. Cage rolls through, but it's still locked in. Moxley then grabs his other arm and rips it behind his back. Moxley then yanks back on his other arm and every time Cage rolls, Moxley keeps it locked in. Moxley looks at Taz and gives him the middle finger. Taz finally decides to throw in the towel so Cage doesn't take any further damage.

Winner: Jon Moxley via Referee Stoppage (Towel Throw)

- Post-match, Cage smacks Moxley with the FTW Championship. Cage swings away at Cage, but the lights go out. They come up and it's Darby Allin on the top turnbuckle with his skateboard. He leaps off and nails Cage with it, Cage rolls out of the ring. He gets up and makes his way to the back with Taz. Allin gives Moxley a look, Moxley nods to him with the title over his shoulder. Cage wants some more, but Taz is holding him back as the show comes to a close.