AEW Dynamite Results: Big 10-Man Tag Match, Cody Vs. Warhorse, Hikaru Shida In Action, MJF

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- Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, and Taz holding down commentary this week.

Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy vs. Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Santana, Ortiz, and Sammy Guevara

Hager and Cassidy start off, Cassidy with his hands in his pockets and dropkicks Hager. Jericho with the blind tag, cheap shot on Cassidy and everybody jumps in the ring to brawl. Inner Circle gets sent out to the floor, Taylor flips on a bunch of them. Trent with a moonsault on the group. Couple more sloppy spots out to the floor as Marko Stunt gets involved. Cassidy looks to fly, but decides not to and puts his shades on instead. Mega hug with all his partners. Guevara leaps off the top rope, they move. Cassidy with a weak kick and then the rest of the group drops him.

After a rough start, Inner Circle finally gets some momentum as they go to work on Trent. Jericho tags in, lands some chops, but runs into a kick and Trent then lands a dropkick off the top rope. Ortiz tags in and keeps Trent grounded. Santana and then Hager get in the match to continue to beat up Trent. Luchasaurus finally gets the tag, turns Guevara inside out, knocks Jericho and Hager off the apron, double clotheslines on Ortiz and Santana. He looks to chokeslam Guevara, Hager gets in the ring and they swing away on each other.

Hager with a lariat. Cassidy gets in the ring and dropped by Santana and Ortiz. Best Friends then dispatch Ortiz and Santana. Jericho gets in there with a codebreaker on Trent. JB with a backstabber on Jericho. Guevara lands a big knee to JB, but Luchasaurus returns with a roundhouse kick on Guevara. Jericho tried to bring his baseball bat into the mix, but Cassidy throws Jericho over the barricade. Guevara reverses a chokeslam into a running knee, heads to the top rope, and Matt Hardy's music hits. Everybody looks to the stage, but Hardy climbs up on the apron from behind and shoves Guevara off the top rope. Chokeslam and a roundhouse kick to Guevara by Luchasaurus, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy via Pinfall

- Backstage, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley says he tries to stay out of people's business. If people leave him a lone, he'll leave them alone. He thought he was done with Brian Cage, then he and Starks go and beat up Darby Allin. Moxley calls Starks a "punk b—-" and a bully for jumping Allin from behind. Moxley says he wants to see how they do when the odds are evened up.

Cody (c) with Arn Anderson vs. Warhorse (AEW TNT Championship)

Warhorse gets Cody to the ropes, clean break. Cody with a wristlock, Warhorse rolls and kicks out of it. Cody then throws Warhorse into the corner, goes to chop him, and gives him a pat on the chest. Warhorse with a chop to Cody's back and then chest. Cody looks for a pin, Warhorse reverses for a jackknife cover, two. Arm drag on Cody, takes him down and keeps working the arm.

Multiple reversals, Cody then bounces out to the floor for a breather and a chat with Arn. Back in the ring, headlock takedown by Cody, Warhorse gets out of it, little misdirection for a big clothesline, cover, one-count. Cody recovers and really goes to work on Warhorse, superplex, single-leg boston crab, but Warhorse gets to the ropes. Cody then looks for a figure-four, and Warhorse immediately counters it, but Cody gets to the ropes.

Warhorse with a combo of strikes, he then kicks away at a grounded Cody. Warhorse heads to the top rope, Cody goes out to the floor, Warhorse hits a double stomp on Cody's back and tosses him back in the ring. Warhorse back up top, big elbow drop, cover, two. Cody with a jackknife pin for a two-count. Cody tries for the figure-four, Warhorse with an inside craddle for two, and tries again for another two-count. Cody charges in the corner, eats a kick. Warhorse up top, leaps and lands on his feet, selling his knee injury. Cody with a low dropkick, figure-four gets locked in and Warhorse taps out.

Winner: Cody via Submission

- Post-match, Cody goes to shake hands, Warhorse tosses him aside as John Silver and Alex Reynolds run into the ring. Warhorse tries to fight them off, but gets thrown out of the ring. Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) runs out to the ring and takes out Silver and Reynolds. He then yells at the camera "I'm here!" and checks on Cody afterwards.

- Out on the stage, Tony Schiavone talks with Inner Circle. The group is in a foul mood. Chris Jericho says in two weeks there will be a rematch between him and Orange Cassidy. Sammy Guevara calls Matt Hardy a SOB and that he's not finished with him. Jericho then says next week he's going to have a debate with Cassidy and there will be a special guest moderator.

- Earlier today, FTR is looking to sign their contracts with AEW. They bring in Arn Anderson as their advisor to look things over. Tony Schiavone is the moderator for the meeting. FTR says August 12 is tag team appreciation night, hosted by FTR. Hangman Page then rolls in with some whiskey to help celebrate their signing with AEW.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega (c) vs. Evil Uno and Grayson (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Omega is out first and gets attacked by his opponent, Omega finally comes out and helps get his partner away. Page seems a little annoyed by how long it took and they talk for a moment. Uno then jumps Omega and gets to work on the champion. Young Bucks are looking on from the stands. Colt Cabana joins commentary, JR asks him if he's in Dark Order, Cabana says "I'm just hanging out right now."

Page and Omega get going again with a bunch of chops and then high-five each other, looking like they might be on the same page now. Brode Lee and Anna Jay (who looks to now be in Dark Order) are also hanging around commentary. Frankie Kazarian is in the stands watching the match. Page is beating the heck out of Grayson. Knocks him out to the floor, Page with a crossbody dive, but Uno then throws him into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Grayson takes down Page, shoulder tackle, and Dark Order running Page over right now. Page able to take in, lands a rising knee on Grayson. Uno jumps in, but takes an assisted german suplex. Omega looks for a v-trigger, Grayson moves out of the way. Omega launches Grayson and he goes up and over the corner to the floor. Uno drops Omega, gets to the top, hits a senton, cover, two. Grayson is back in there. Omega put up on Grayson's shoulder, he throws him to Uno for a powerbomb, cover, Hangman breaks it up.

Double team move by Dark Order, 450 splash on Omega, cover, two-count. Brodie Lee is pacing around as the match continues on. Grayson up top, Omega throws Uno into him. Uno with a neckbreaker on Omega, Uno knocks Page out of the ring. Omega with a snap dragon on Uno, but Grayson drops Omega. Page in there with a clothesline on Grayson. Page hits a powerbomb on Uno, Omega with a v-trigger to the back of the head, cover, two-count. Last call (v-trigger/buckshot lariat) lands on Uno, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega via Pinfall

- Post-match, Brodie Lee asks Colt and Anna to head to the back. Lee then yells at Uno and Grayson while they are on the stage. Lee launches a stack of papers on Uno's head. He then barks at Grayson. Lee with a mic, he asks Page if he thinks that's funny. Lee says he sees Page has his friends with him this week. Young Bucks head into the ring. Lee says the Dark Order is everywhere and they have strength in numbers. Lee says he's pissed off and now they will pay. A bunch of Dark Order minions surround the ring. FTR runs out and smashes an ice chest over the back of Lee's head. FTR then helps The Elite get rid of all the minions. Lee laughs and gathers his people as both sides jaw at each other.

- Britt Baker in her cart, sitting at ringside with Reba, she gets on the mic to talk about Big Swole. Baker says she knows Swole is obsessed with her and that Swole wants to get her hands on her. Baker says Swole can get a shot at her in the ring down the road, if she defeats an opponent of Baker's choice.

- Diamante says she's been busting her ass on the indies for years, but a win over Shida will shoot her to the top of the rankings. She says the other women should fear her because she's got nothing to lose and everything to prove. "As they say pressure makes diamonds," Diamante finishes.

Hikaru Shida vs. Diamante (Non-Title Match)

Shida looks to shake hands, Diamante shoves her away. Shida thrown into the ropes, takes a shot, but Shida turns Diamante into the rooms and land a couple strikes. They brawl a bit and Shida heads out to the floor. Back in the ring, Shida leaps off the top rope, missile dropkick, cover, two. Back and forth shots in the middle of the ring. Shida with a big driving knee that sends Diamante to the apron. Shida goes to the second rope, looks for a suplex, no, Diamante then brings Shida neck first over the top rope.

Shida getting worked over, kick to the midsection, she rolls Shida over, but goes right into the ropes. Shida with a delayed falcon arrow, cover, two-count. Shida with a running knee to the face, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Hikaru Shida via Pinfall

- AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament rules were announced:

* The Tournament is a random draw
* All competitors must draw a color
* Matching colors will become a team
* Selection are final and cannot be appealed

- Backstage, Nyla Rose draws purple for the tournament and it's former WWE superstar Cameron (Ariane Andrew) who will be her partner.

- MJF heads out to the ring to give his state of the industry address. He lets the fans ("marks") know how dumb they are and then gives his speech. MJF mentions his hashtag "MJF2020" and "NotMyChampion." MJF says there's a reason why he's not given the spotlight for two weeks in a row and that's because a certain someone doesn't want the spotlight taken from him. MJF talks about there needing be change, one man in particular called for a "paradigm shift."

MJF says AEW has gone from a revolution to a dictatorship because a guy like Moxley can do whatever he wants and face whoever he wants. MJF admits Moxley is one of the best in the world, but says there's been a lot of negative side effects since Moxley has become champion. MJF says "wrestling" has gone downhill as wrestlers come out and "flip, flop, and fly, until they die." Fans are now brainwashed that those things are what makes a good professional. MJF says he doesn't have to play wrestle though because he's undefeated.

MJF talks about ratings and says he actually draws better minute-by minute than "Dictator Jon." MJF continues that Moxley doesn't want that out though. He says the old guard is what has hurt societies in the past and that's exactly what is happening with Moxley. MJF says he's the one who will be leading AEW for the next 25 years, he bleeds black, white, and gold. MJF says AEW needs to transform itself into the pinnicle of professional wrestling. MJF then challenges Jon Moxley to a title match and says he'll see him at All Out.

- Next week:

* Chris Jericho to debate Orange Cassidy with a special guest moderator
* Cody and Matt Cardona vs. John Silver and Alex Reynolds
* MJF update
* FTR, Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Kenny Omega vs. Dark Order (12-Man Tag Match)

Jon Moxley and Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks with Taz (No DQ – Tornado Tag Team Match)

Before the tag match, Taz says Darby Allin is not here tonight because he got his ass kicked last week. Taz then hypes up Brian Cage a bit, before Starks takes the mic and taunts Moxley. Cage and Starks head out, but Allin leaps off the stage set and hits them with a coffin drop! Looks like Allin is here. The two teams pair off and brawl inside and outside of the ring.

Chair makes its way into the ring. Allin with an over-the top stunner, Starks drops Allin, but eats a cutter from Moxley. Cage then lands a lariat on Moxley and all four guys are down. Piledriver by Moxley on FTR, tries for a submission, but Starks lands a dropkick, goes for a cover, two. Cage sends a garbage can in to Starks, he drops it, then sets it down. Cage and Starks lift Moxley and hit an alabama slam on him, cover, Allin breaks it up.

Cage looks for a buckle bomb on Allin, Moxley gets in the way to block it. Coffin drop/paradigm shift on Cage, cover, two. Moxley with a suicide dive on Starks. Allin then throws a garbage can down on Cage's bad arm. Allin pulls a skateboard out from under the ring and there are thumbtacks under the board. Moxley with an armbar on Cage. Allin leaps off the top rope and double stomps the thumbtacks on Starks back (instantly bleeding from that move), cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Darby Allin and Jon Moxley via Pinfall

- Post-match, Allin looks at the champion and points at him. Commentary then says Tony Khan has signed for next week: Jon Moxley will defend his title against Allin. The two face-off in the middle of the ring as the show comes to an end.