AEW Dynamite Results: Cody Defends TNT Title, MJF, Falls Count Anywhere Match, Jon Moxley

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- Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross, and Excalibur on commentary this week. Justin Roberts handling ring announcing duties.

Cody (c) with Arn Anderson vs. Eddie Kingston (AEW TNT Championship)

Before the match gets started, Kingston walks out to the stage with the mic. Talks about Cody always saying he's "grinding" in life and wrestling, but that probably wasn't so bad when he's around wrestling "has-beens." Kingston says he's been around junkies and alcoholics growing up, now that's grinding. Kingston says he's a grown ass man and will put Cody in the ground and smile if he tries to preach to him about anything. Kingston says Tony Khan paid him to show and to kick Cody's ass. Kingston keeps telling Anderson to stop staring at him like that or "I'll gouge your eye out." Kingston says the match will be DQ, but Cody has to accept that. He taunts Cody some more, Cody accepts.

Cody talks some to AA as Roberts announces it's No DQ. Kingston attacks Cody from behind, the two spill out to the floor, both trade some punches. Cody sends Kingston back in the ring, Kingston takes him down with a single leg and punches. In the corner, Kingston lands a bunch of chops. Cody with an uppercut, disaster kick lands, sending Kingston out to the floor. Cody hits the ropes and lands a suicide dive. Missile dropkick by Cody, Kingston checking out his knee on the floor. Cody takes the weightbelt off and brings it out to the floor with him. Kingston takes the belt and smacks Cody a few times. Kingston removes the protective padding, looks for a move, but gets back body dropped on the floor.

Back in the ring, Kingston gets the momentum back and works over Cody. Kicks to the back, dragon sleeper locked in on Cody. Cody is able to work his way out of the submission, throws a few shots, Kingston with another eye poke. He tries for a back suplex, Cody lands on his feet and hits a chop block on Kingston's already banged up leg. Cody tries to send Kingston across the ring and his leg goes out on him. Cody goes over and takes a lowblow, then a DDT. Kingston goes under the ring and pulls out a bag. He dumps a whole lot of thumbtacks in the middle of the ring.

Kingston yells "fight me!" to Cody while landing more shots. Kingston tries for a body slam, Cody gets out of it, dropkick to the knee. Kingston then powerboms Cody on the tacks! Cody has a whole lot of tacks in his back after that move, ouch. Cody is sent into the corner, but somehow lands a big clothesline on his opponent. He goes for a figure-four, Kingston with some slaps to the face, Cody fires back with some of his own. Cody then is able to lock in the figure-four, and Kingston ends up tapping out.

Winner: Cody via Submission

- Backstage, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley says he's the kind of guy who when he says something ? he'll do it. Just like when he told Taz that he was going to tear Brian Cage's arm apart. Moxley said Cage was very close to another six months of rehab, and Taz made the right call by throwing in the towel, but next time, Moxley says he's not going to let go.

MJF (with Wardlow) vs. Griff Garrison

Before the match, MJF gets on the mic and tells Garrison he looks ready to go, but a bit nervous. It's understandable though because he's in the ring with a prodigy. MJF then asks "Jungle Boy" to tell the fans who he is. Garrison says "That's not my name, I'm Griff Garrison." MJF rips on his opponent a bit more. He asks Griff how cool it is to share the ring with someone who is undefeated. Garrison brings up that MJF lost a tag match, MJF says he brings up a good point and smacks him in the head with the mic.

Bell rings, MJF launches Garrison hard into the corner, then chokes him with his boot. MJF continues to work over his opponent out on the floor before finally sending him into the ring. MJF takes the microphone and tells Garrison they may have gotten off on the wrong foot. MJF didn't appreciate Griff saying he's been beat. "I've never been pinned, I've never been submitted." MJF then wants Griff to tell everyone he's undefeated, Garrison smacks the microphone away, MJF then steps on his finger, Griff just yells out in pain. MJF then yells one more time to say it! Griff finally says "You're undefeated." Griff pops the microphone back in MJF's face, roll-up, two-count, MJF is back up and swings away on his opponent before moving him to the apron. MJF with the heat seeker (piledriver) for the win.

Winner: MJF via Pinfall

- Backstage, Tony Schiavone talks to Rebel (Reba) about Britt Baker and how she's doing after her nose surgery. She goes to talk and Baker yells for her to come back and help her. Baker talks about being a role model and how she was able to finish out a match after her nose being busted open. Baker says he's comeback will be the best ever, better than Michael Jordan! Tony and Rebel both interrupt her, and she tells them both to shut the hell up. Baker says she's Michael Jordan and nobody should count her out at All Out.

- Taz says he and Brian Cage had some issues after he threw the towel in on Cage, but cool heads prevailed. Taz she he'll continue to work with Cage. Taz says he'll be damned if he was going to stand at ringside and watch Cage biceps tendon torn for a second time. He stands behind what he did as a business decision. Taz says Cage will never, ever be in that position again. He says Cage has an FTW mindset and...out comes Darby Allin. He gets to the ring, but Ricky Starks attacks him from behind. Cage then powerbombs Allin twice on the stage, then powerbombs him in the ring. Starks then picks up and plants Allin in the ring. Starks grabs the skateboard, gives it to Cage, but Moxley runs out through the crowd with a barbed wire bat and chases everyone off. Commentary noting Starks looks to have a business relationship with Taz. It was noted Starks helped out Cage on last night's AEW Dark.

- This summer 16-women, 8 teams ? AEW Women's Tag Team Cup Tournament: The Deadly Draw.

- Backstage, Chris Jericho talks with Alex Marvez and he's still annoyed that Orange Cassidy ruined his $7,000 jacket (which he's still wearing). Jericho says he's going to embarrass him, and Inner Circle will embarrass Jurassic Express because they thought what happened to him was funny. Jericho mentions that Luchasaurus isn't really a dinosaur, but they are going to make him extinct. He then asks Santana if his jacket still smells like orange juice, he says it does, Jericho walks off "Dammit!"

Young Bucks vs. The Butcher and The Blade (Falls Count Anywhere)

Backstage, Young Bucks with a referee, Matt says they want to get things going right now. They end up in the kitchen where The Butcher and The Blade are already hanging out. The two team start swinging away on each other, Nick kicks a table into The Blade, leaps off it on Butcher, but he's caught and sent down to the floor. Blade powerbombs him on a metal table, cover, two.

Things spill out of the kitchen, both teams battle around the backstage area. Matt get thrown into the back of an 18-wheeler. Nick gets sent into the side of the truck as Blade and Butcher look to have gained some control. Matt comes running out of the trailer and hits a sent on down on both opponents. Blade sent into some metal equipment. Nick with a cookie sheet upside Butcher's head. Butcher is put on a table. Matt leaps down on him with a leg drop (while using the cookie sheet), but the table doesn't break. Blade trying to get away and makes his way to the escalator. Double superkick knocks him on and Blade is taken all the way up the escalator.

The two teams make their way back to ringside, Blade uses a chair on the brothers. Butcher brings out a table and leans it against the barricade. Nick sent over the barricade. Matt almost powerbombed through the table, fights his ways off and drops Blade. Nick jumps off the barricade with a spinning heel kick. Blade goes for a senton out of the ring and there's nobody there, he barely clips the table, doesn't break it, but landed weirdly. Butcher then does a running crossbody, putting Matt through another table leaned up against the barricade.

Butcher tripped up by Matt, Nick launches a chair in his face. Nick with a flurry of kicks, bulldog/dropkick combo, cover, two. Matt looks to have a busted nose. Blade works back into the match, sends Nick over the top rope, then clotheslines Matt out to the ramp. Powerbomb/neck breaker combo on Matt out on the stage. Butcher and Blade bring out more tables and set them up on the stage. Everyone is landing big shots now, double superkick on Butcher. BTE-trigger on Blade, he's put on a table. Double superkicks on Butcher, he's put on the other table. Matt and Nick each climb up the stage scaffolding, elbow drop by Matt, senton by Nick, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Young Bucks via Pinfall

- Backstage, Lancer Archer with Jake Roberts talk with Alex Marvez. Roberts talks about Archer being really frustrated, sitting around like used furniture. While he's talking Archer beats the crap out of a bunch guys in the locker room. Archer comes over and mumbles some stuff, then says everybody dies and shoves Marvez.

Ivelisse vs. Diamante

Ivelisse swings away on Diamante, but Diamante fires back and hits an arm drag. Ivelisse gives one back to Diamante. Commentary cuts to Big Swole, who is still at home due to her suspension. Big Swole says what bothers her about Baker is that she thinks she can get away with anything, and not worry about the consequences. Swole says at some point "Brittle Brittney's fragile ass" is going to have to meet her in the ring and face some consequences.

Out on the floor, Ivelisse with a bit shot, Diamante hits back and sends her into the barricade, then the apron. Back and forth chops from both women. Back in the ring, Ivelisse drops Diamante, cover, two. Kick to the back and rear naked choke is locked in. Diamante gets out of it, then wrenches on Ivelisse's neck. Flurry of shots from both wrestlers. Diamante lands a couple clotheslines, release german suplex, pin, two-count. Ivelisse lands a powerbomb, cover, two. Ivelisse hits the ropes, Diamante charges her, quick inside craddle, and gets the win.

Winner: Diamante via Pinfall

Hangman Page vs. Five (Alan Angels)

Big shots by Page, Five throws a chop, but Page laughs it up and swings back. Page tries for a suplex, Five lands on his feet, uses his agility for a moment, but Page catches him with a big boot. Five avoids a clothesline, ends up on the apron, big boot sends him flying back to the barricade.

Five is sent into the barricade a few times. He send Five into the ring and out comes The Dark Order (minus Brodie Lee) on the stage. Five gets some momentum on Page, running senton, second rope moonsault, but Page gets the knees up. Page with a big last ride style powerbomb, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Hangman Page via Pinfall

- Post-match The Dark Order look annoyed at the outcome of the match. Page is asking them if they want to come in the ring. Lee and Colt then make their way out to the stage. Lee heads into the ring with a mic to talk with Page. Brodie says he's been nothing be impressed with Page in AEW. Lee says he's not impressed with his lack of friends when he's in immediate danger. Lee says he's not looking to fight, but The Dark Order could protect him ? not in a bar, or in a ring. He makes an offer to join and gives Page the mic. Page says he appreciates what Lee is saying, but he's not sure he's ready to join a cult right now. Lee says Page just made his bed and hopes Page enjoys his sleeping. He walks out and says something to Uno. Lee then takes Colt to the back. Most of Dark Order heads in and fights Page. Numbers game get the best of Page. FTR runs out with a cooler, launches it into Silver and Reynolds, FTR then clears out Uno and Grayson. Omega then runs out, but it's a bit late. He notices FTR is already there. Page thanks FTR, then takes a beer from them. Dark Order head off to the back while Omega checks on Page.

- Next week on Dynamite:

* Hangman Page and Kenny Omega (c) vs. Evil Uno and Grayson (AEW World Tag Team Championship)
* Hikaru Shida vs. Diamante (Non-Title Match)
* Darby Allin and Jon Moxley vs. Brian Cage and Ricky Starks with Taz (Tornado Tag Match)
* Cody to defend AEW TNT Championship

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager (with Santana and Ortiz) vs. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy

Jericho and JB get things started. Jericho gets the initial attack, but JB lands a flurry of attacks that send Jericho reeling to his corner so he can tag in Hager. Luchasaurus also tags in and the two big men meet in the middle of the ring. Big shots by both wrestlers. Hager able to drop his opponent and get the ankle lock submission. Jericho tags in and gets a few shots in, then brings Hager right back in.

Luchasaurus fights back, but chop block by Hager brings him down. JB able to tag in, lands a hurricanrana on Jericho, cover, two. Kicks, sends Jericho into the ropes, ducks a clothesline, suicide dive on Santana and Ortiz. Leaps in for a swinging DDT. Stunt now gets involved when the referee was distraced, nearly costs Jericho the match. Stunt gets back up on the apron and yells, but Jericho punches him in the face, knocking him to the floor.

Jericho with a delayed vertical suplex on JB, cover, two. JB put up on the second rope, chop to the chest, Jericho heads up, tries for a superplex, JB drops Jericho down face-first, then hits a big crossbody, cover, two. Luchasaurus's ear looks to be bleeding pretty good. Jericho able to get up and tag in Hager. Elbow drop by Hager, he works over JB, tosses him into the corner, charges in, nobody home. JB tries to tag out, Hager knocks Luchasaurus back. Jericho tags back in. He now has his trusty bat, Aubrey stands between Jericho and JB. She's shoving Jericho now and tells him to ditch the bat.

Back suplex by Jericho, JB rolls up Jericho, two, leaping clothesline. Hager able to get the tag, lands some big knees on JB. Jericho gets in and they chop away at JB. JB able to land a double DDT on both guys and tags in Luchasaurus who keeps both opponents on the ground. He ties for a double chokeslam, they break free, he lands multiple kicks on both guys. Everyone is dropping everyone now. Santana and Ortiz yell at the referee, Stunt with a dropkick on Jericho, and he goes right into a roundhouse kick by Luchasaurus. Spinning kick to the head by Luchasaurus, cover, two.

JB takes out both Santana and Ortiz. Luchasaurus looks for a chokeslam on Jericho. Serpentico jumps up on the apron and whacks Luchasaurus on the back with Jericho's bat. Jericho hits codebreaker, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Jake Hager via Pinfall

Post-match, Inner Circle beat up Jurassic Express. Serpentico goes to the top and hits a shooting star press on Luchasaurus, he then takes his mask off and it's Sammy Guevara! Looks like he's back on TV after being suspended for about a month. Inner Circle continues to beat up the other group. Orange Cassidy's music then plays and out he comes. Best Friends run out ahead of him and the Inner Circle bail out of the ring. Best Friends, Orange Cassidy, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy vs. Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara) is signed for next week's show. The two sides jaw at each other as the show comes to an end.