Aleister Black took to Instagram this week with a series of posts that could play into the injury angle from Monday’s WWE RAW.

As noted, WWE had plans to temporarily write Black out of the storylines with an injury angle, but there’s no word yet on if Monday’s attack from Murphy was the angle that will write Black off TV for a period of time. For those who missed it, Seth Rollins ordered Murphy to drive the corner of the steel ring steps into Black’s eye, as Rollins did with Rey Mysterio weeks earlier. Black was already wearing a cast on his arm due to the Stomp he took from Rollins the week before.

Black’s Instagram posts told a story about his cruel father, and ended with a message about how he must now re-write 4 years of his own history. The first two posts included photos of a blank black square, but today’s final post has a photo of Black, and what appears to be an injured eye.

Black wrote on Tuesday, “There’s is blood on my shoes, and I understand I have to take accountability in this. But let me tell you a story:”

His story then continued on Wednesday as he wrote, “-See my father was a cruel man, and he was cruel because his father was cruel to him. So I created a narrative that evil was a perspective as means to not be like him.”

The series of posts continued today with the photo and caption that reads, “And now I must re-write 4 years of my own history by getting rid of that weakness. The same weakness that caused this betrayal, this is where my accountability ends, and yours starts.”

There’s no word yet on if WWE plans to keep Black off TV for a few weeks to sell Monday’s injury angle with Murphy. They have not announced a storyline injury update as of this writing.

Stay tuned for updates on Black’s status. Below are his full Instagram posts: