WWE currently has plans for a third match between Randy Orton and WWE Hall of Famer Edge.

We’re just under 250 days away from WrestleMania 37 on March 28, 2021 but the current plan is for Edge vs. Orton in an “I Quit” match to be one of the top matches next year in Los Angeles, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE already had plans for the Edge vs. Orton trilogy to continue at SummerSlam this year, but that was before Edge suffered the triceps injury during “The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever” at WWE Backlash in June, which was won by Orton.

It was noted that Edge currently has significant creative influence on the RAW brand right now, while Daniel Bryan has the same on SmackDown. It was described as a situation where both are part of the writing teams for their respective shows.

Regarding plans for Orton, a match with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has been rumored for SummerSlam on August 23. The Observer reports that this match is still scheduled as of this past week, as the SummerSlam main event. There have been rumors of Orton winning the title and going on to face Edge, but that seems unlikely for a number of reasons.

Edge is expected to be back in action in time for the WrestleMania 37 Season build.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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