Last night's WWE RAW angle with Aleister Black may have been done to write him off TV for a little while.

RAW saw Black save Dominik Mysterio from a beatdown by Seth Rollins and Murphy. The heels turned it back around and Rollins ended up pressuring Murphy into driving Black's eye into the corner of the steel ring steps, just like Rollins did to Rey Mysterio weeks before. Black was wearing a cast on his arm from last week's Stomp from Rollins, which came after Rollins' singles win over Black.

It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that original creative plans had Rollins and his crew taking Black out with an injury angle. There's no word yet on how long they want to take Black out for, but it's interesting that they would put him on the shelf in the storylines at a time when the roster is already low on talent.

On a related note, Observer Radio also reported that Rey has not re-signed with WWE as of Monday.

Rey has been without a contract for a while now, and there's no update on how those negotiations are going. Rey lost the "Eye For An Eye" match to Rollins at WWE's "The Horror Show at Extreme Rules" pay-per-view earlier this month.

Last night's RAW saw Dominik get more physical than he has in recent months while working the storyline with his father, Rollins, Murphy and the others. Dominik ended up snapping with a kendo stick, chasing Rollins and Murphy away after the injury angle to Black.

Stay tuned for updates on WWE plans for Black and Mysterio.