WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix took to Twitter to open up about her journey overcoming insecurity involving her body. She noted how she used to get emotional feeling as though she didn’t fit in, but now she appreciates all the success and gratitude her body has provided.

“I didn’t always love my body. I often cried because I didn’t fit in. I felt different. I couldn’t fit the mold. Then I realized, this body isn’t my curse, it’s my gift. It gave me what I always wanted. A career, family, perspective and gratitude,” Beth wrote.

Beth, known as “The Glamazon” during her time in WWE, retired from full-time competition in 2012, and now is a part of the commentary team on WWE NXT each week. She spoke with Channelguidemag.com in late 2019 and established that her goal is now to get the developing talent over instead of keeping the focus on her.

“Nobody is ever retired. I love what I’m doing. I’m in the twilight of my career, and the women’s division is just fine without me,” Phoenix said. “If I never wrestle again, I’m totally happy with what I’m doing. Then if there were ever an opportunity to help build a new talent, that’s what is most important because I’m on the outs. So, we want to build up these new talents that are going to be there to help creates this product and creates superstars that gives us positive role models for the future.

“I say never write off anything at the same time. Opportunities come up like this one. I’m so happy doing what I’m doing,” Beth continued. “Building female roles in other parts of the company is just as important as the women wrestling and becoming equal to the men.”

As noted, Beth is a WWE Hall of Famer, a 4-time WWE Women’s/Diva’s Champion, and was twice ranked number 2 of the top 50 female wrestlers in Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

You can see Beth’s full Twitter post below: