Big E was a guest on Episode 30 of “Table Talk“, and he talked about how he originally broke in with WWE. Big E also discussed how much he enjoys tag team wrestling and who he would considers dream opponents.

After failing at progressing his football career, Big E said he received advice that he should give WWE a shot. He said he was lucky because he had a connection to Jim Ross. He says Ross helped get him a tryout at FCW in 2009.

“They flew me down to Tampa for a tryout,” Big E recalled. “I did my week-long trial at FCW in the summer of 2009 with Dr. Tom Prichard, Norman Smiley. I was there for a week. Then I flew back up to Iowa during the summer and me just kind of sat around and waited for a call. I got the call and I was signed after that.”

Since joining the company, Big E has enjoyed plenty of success with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in The New Day. The team has been Tag-Team Champions eight times in the company and also hold the longest reign at 483 days as champions. Big E explained why he believes the length of a title reign is more important than the amount of times someone holds the belt.

“You don’t want to win the title and lose it the next day, you want to hold on to it as long as possible.” Big E said. “So the number of reigns is cool. I think people get caught up in that? If I held a title for 20 days and I had like 10 titles, that’s not that impressive. But if I held it for 90 days, which actually I think today is our 900th day of being tag champs, that’s pretty impressive.”

The New Day have had many encounters with The Usos throughout their six-year run. Big E said that they are his favorite team to matchup with in the ring.

“We just have really good chemistry with them in the ring, outside the ring. We see the business the same way – we’re selfless,” Big E explained. “It’s so easy to put the matches together.”

When asked for some opponents he would still like to get in the ring with, Big E said, as a tag team, he would like to have a program with Undisputed Era. He also said Brock Lesnar is someone he would like to have singles match with.

“I would like to do a full program with the Undisputed Era with some build or whatnot would have been fun.” Big E said. “We have done some stuff with Brock. I haven’t had an official match with Brock, but it forced to pick one, maybe Brock. Let’s say, Brock.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.