Booker T Believes Adam Cole Can Be The Next Shawn Michaels

Adam Cole, the longest reigning NXT champion in history, has a fair share of detractors who believe the leader of the Undisputed Era won't replicate his NXT success on the main roster. However, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T is not one of them. Booker T is convinced that Cole has the skillset and tools to be the next Mr. WrestleMania.

"'Not to blow Shawn Michaels' horn or anything like that, but he (Cole) seems like that next level Shawn Michaels type guy that can go out there and be that Mr. WrestleMania," Booker T said on a recent episode of The Hall of Fame podcast.

It is no secret that undersized wrestlers such Cole have the odds stacked against them on the WWE main roster brands. Booker T expects Cole to thrive at the next level despite his physical attributes. While comparing him to Ricochet and Finn Balor, Booker T said that Cole outshines them both in star power.

"This guy literally outshined so much talent on that roster that has been there for quite some time," Booker stated. "Not to knock these guys or anything like that, but Ricochet, he was there before. Finn Balor was there before Adam Cole. But the one guy I seem to feel that had that star quality and star power to go out there and move some numbers right now is Adam Cole.

"So, I say, don't think that these guys have not had a chance to go out there and put themselves on the map."

While Cole has yet to make his main roster debut, the former NXT champion defeated Daniel Bryan on an episode of Smackdown last November. After losing his NXT championship to Keith Lee at the WWE NXT Great American Bash, Cole is rumored to move to the main roster before the end of the year.

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