While recording an episode of The Hall of Fame podcast, Brad Gilmore broke the news to Booker T that Heath Slater returned to WWE on RAW this past Monday night. Booker T gave his instant reaction complimenting Slater for being a guy that plays his role making him someone valuable to a company.

“Heath Slater’s not a guy you want to lose,” Booker T stated. “He’s a guy who you want on your team. He’s a guy that’s gonna make sure to pull his weight. He’s gonna play his role.

“That’s what I talk in this game all the time as far as ‘hey man, just play your role tonight. Don’t try to play someone else’s role. If you do that, we’ll have a great show tonight, but if you go out there and you want to take one job then take on another job, then you got three jobs that you’re trying to take on, and then, you complain about it. You’re the one who took those jobs.’ Heath Slater is a guy that’s gonna play his role, and that’s why he got the phone call. ‘Hey Heath, you want to come on back?’ That’s what it’s about.”

Slater said that his RAW appearance provided closure for his WWE run, something that Gilmore and Booker T were not aware of while recording their podcast. Booker T continued his praise of Slater, comparing him to late WCW wrestler Brad Armstrong as someone that can step in and get the job done at any moment.

“Guys like Brad Armstrong, God rest his soul, he’s a guy who never had to worry about a job because he was a utility guy so to speak,” Booker T said. “A guy that can do just about everything at a moment’s notice. Heath Slater is that guy. When you call him, you know he’s gonna be ready to get the job done.

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