Booker T recently hosted a live stream of his “The Hall of Fame” show with Reality of Wrestling’s Brad Gilmore to discuss the fallout from the Extreme Rules pay-per-view and address a few other topics around the event. This included Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro’s title win over the New Day.

When it came to the subject of Cesaro, Booker had some interesting takes and felt he saw a lot of himself in him. He also shared in many other’s thoughts in assessing Cesaro as a top underrated talent. Although he concedes he hasn’t quite reached what is and was thought possible for him, that is no way a knock on the wrestler or the man behind it.

“We really thought Cesaro was going to be that big star, but it didn’t happen for Cesaro that way and Cesaro has been one of those guys, where he’s not the squeaky wheel or anything like that. He’s not going to go and complain or anything like that. He could have been one of the guys that could have cried so many times,” Booker T argued. “But he’s just you know go out there and get the job done and I look at Cesaro’s career. Somewhat like mine. Him and I got so much in common. He’s one of the guys I talk to all the time and I just always tell him, ‘hey man, just keep putting the work in and don’t let it get you’ and he never does.

“He’s always just focus, go out, get the work done, no matter how the outcome is, he goes home. He doesn’t take it home with him. Shows up next week with his hard hat on, ready to go back to work again.”

Booker noted that Cesaro deserves his fair share of praise for playing his role as well as he does. In fact, playing a role perfectly is something he exemplifies in Cesaro and his character.

“Doing that, all the tag team championships you just talked about,” Booker posed. “He may go down as one of the greatest tag team wrestlers in the history of the game. Cesaro is playing his role to whatever next comes along.”

As for his opinion on the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions, he believes that Cesaro and Nakamura can help reinvigorate that division despite, in his opinion, their slightly contrasting style.

“Not too many people thought they were going to win that match. I don’t think too many people gave a whole lot of credit as far as those two going out and winning,” Booker T said. “But for those two to pull it off almost like somewhat of the oddest couple of them all, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. I mean it’s not Goldust and Booker T or anything like that, but it’s close.”

“I really think with the tag team championships on those guys,” Booker claimed. “[It] is going to make a huge difference as well as… one thing about the fans, you could not give them what they want for so long, but then when you do give them what they want, they appreciate it so much. People have been wanting to see the championship on Cesaro for so long. People obviously have been wanting to see Shinsuke Nakamura do more since [getting] in the WWE. They’re in a position right now, hopefully, they will make the best in being in that position and go out there and hopefully get the rocket put on them and go straight to them.”

The New Day lost their titles to Cesaro and Shinsuke at Extreme Rules, and this has left their future a bit up in the air. Kofi Kingston stated that he would be out of action for six weeks, leaving Big E as a singles. Big E shared his thoughts on if The New Day should disband altogether.

“Well, it has got to be close to the end. I mean they’ve had a hell of a run. They can’t run this thing forever. I don’t think The New Day want to say 20 time WWE World Tag Team Champions. I think they think that was old after a period of time and then after you had that success in tag team you want to explore,” Booker stated. “You want to see if you could actually go out there and do in the singles ranks.

“Time is running out on Big E. Time is running out on Xavier. Xavier I forgot, he’s done, he’s finished. Big E still has some time left to go out there and cash his ticket. Go out there and stake his claim as far as his legacy and perhaps become the World Heavyweight Champion. There’s nothing like becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.”

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Mehdy Labriny contributed to this article.