Pro wrestling veteran Bully Ray took to his Busted Open Radio show to talk a bit about Jeff Hardy’s legacy in TNA/Impact Wrestling.

Jeff is remembered as being a multi-time World Champion with the company, the 2012 TNA Wrestler Of The Year, and for creating unforgettable cinematic matches with his brother, Matt. But Jeff is also remembered for the infamous match he had against then-TNA World Champion, Sting, at TNA Victory Road 2011.

As the match between the two competitors began, it became apparent that Jeff was under the influence and could not continue as expected. The match ended in a quick finish with Sting pinning Hardy to retain his World Title.

Bully Ray commented on the situation between Jeff Hardy and Sting, explaining that Hardy was forced to apologize to the locker room upon his return to TNA.

“I remember when Jeff Hardy had the problem, you know, in the match against Sting,” Bully Ray said. “Remember that debacle in TNA? I remember when Jeff came back to the company and [TNA] made him apologize to the locker room. They put Jeff in front of the whole locker room and he just kind of apologized, like, I’m really sorry, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Bully Ray apparently spoke up during the meeting and told Hardy that the details surrounding his situation didn’t matter, all that mattered was whether or not Hardy could carry through with his matches. Bull Ray says that the adversity pro wrestlers deal with outside of the squared circle is ultimately just “noise” to the performer.

“Then they said at the end of the meeting, ‘Does anybody have anything to say?’ and I said, ‘Yeah, I do.’ I said, ‘Jeff, I really couldn’t care less about all of these things that went on. All I care about is that you can still hit your finish. Now let’s go out there and make some money’. All of this outside stuff is noise; we’re performers. When your music hits, you get in there, you perform, you tear the house down, and then you go home,” Bully Ray finished.

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