Over the weekend, Chris Jericho did his live show, Saturday Night Special. It was another episode of Q&A questions from fans.

During the Q&A, Chris Jericho was asked if he’s ready for his match against Orange Cassidy this Wednesday at Fyter Fest. He shared that it was already taped, but it’s one of his best matches he ever had. Jericho admitted that when he first heard about Orange Cassidy, he wasn’t a fan of him due to his gimmick. Now the former AEW Champion thinks Orange is a great wrestler.

“Yes, a little known fact its already been taped,” said Chris Jericho. “We taped it last week. It’s one of the best matches I’ve ever had. Really, really enjoyed it. It’s definitely worth checking out. Orange is great. He really is. He’s a great performer and when first came into the business – I’ve heard about him, was not a fan because of his gimmick. I think he really proved me wrong. I realized, ‘Holy smokes, he is actually a great wrestler.’ Great performer. He did the unthinkable.”

“He definitely made it by doing something different. Like I said last week on Dynamite, the late Brian Pillman told me, ‘If you want to make it in wrestling, you have to do something that has never been done before.’ Orange did that. Congratulations. As soon as I pulled my head out of my a–, I realized this guy is unique. He’s different, he’s great, and I became a big fan. I really, really am excited for this Wednesday.”

Chris also revealed during the Saturday Night Special, he would like to have actor Jonah Hill play him in a biopic.

“Well, that’s obviously Jonah Hill.”

The full Saturday Night Special #13 is available to watch above.

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