During his storied career in WWE, CM Punk entertained fans with a number of different personas including his time as the leader of the Straight Edge Society. As the leader of his unorthodox stable, Punk cut brazen promos in which he antagonized crowds on a weekly basis.

Upon losing a Straight Edge Society Pledge vs. Hair Match to Rey Mysterio at Over The Limit 2010, Punk was forced to sport a bald look. However, Punk began wearing a luchador mask to cover his baldness.

Punk, terrified of his baldness, entered a rivalry with The Big Show, who vowed “to bring out the ugly face” of the Straight Edge superstar. Exactly 10 years ago, on Smackdown, The Big Show kept his promise by exposing Punk’s shaved head for the first time after unmasking the Cult of Personality.

Punk discussed the angle and working with The Big Show after reacting to a post on Twitter which recapped the incident. Punk joked that his over-the-top reaction was because he “was very upset that he looked like” Big Show. When a user asked if he was trying to make Big Show crack up with all of the yelling he was doing, Punk noted that that he always tried cracking up Big Show and Mark Henry the most.

Another user called the angle an “insult to the audience’s intelligence”, noting that Punk had lost his hair weeks before and he was still completely bald. Punk responded, “That’s the best part!”

Meanwhile, Punk confirmed that he has held onto the mask as a souvenir, along with the urn he used to mock The Undertaker ahead of their WrestleMania 29 match, and a bunch of Slammy Awards. Punk also joked that the WWE Championship belt is still in his fridge. When asked if Show was fun to work with, Punk replied, “Yes absolutely one of my favs to work with on house shows.”

A few years after the Straight Edge Society storyline, Punk began his historic 434-day reign as WWE champion.

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