CM Punk took to Twitter this afternoon and responded to a tweet from AEW TNT Champion Cody Rhodes, which led to a response from AEW President Tony Khan.

Cody tweeted and asked who he’d like to see answer his next open challenge. Punk responded and named Sign Guy Dudley, former WWE star Domino with valet Cherry, “Fearless” Jack Bull, former HWA star Dean Visk, and ECW Original New Jack.

“Sign guy. Domino w/ cherry. Fearless Jack Bull. Dean Visk. New Jack,” Punk wrote back to Cody.

Khan responded to Punk’s tweet and recalled seeing Punk work a WWE live event that also featured Deuce & Domino. He also recalled meeting New Jack as a teenager.

“Duly noted. Fun facts: I saw you on a house show in Champaign on Super Bowl Sunday 13.5 years ago with Domino and Cherry (and Deuce). Also, New Jack was really really nice to me when I was a 13 year old kid visiting Philadelphia. My dad loved New Jack,” Khan wrote.

You can see the full tweets below: