You can add Dolph Ziggler to the list of people who view The Rock as the G.O.A.T. of the WWE.

In response to The Rock’s endorsement of Dolph Ziggler as the next WWE champion, The Showoff has tweeted out his heartfelt appreciation for The Great One. While referring to him as “greatest of all time,” Ziggler thanked The Rock before noting that he was the only man who could “right the wrong” of Drew McIntyre as the WWE champion during this Sunday’s The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules.

“ANOTHER legend signs off on DZ for WWE champ & its the greatest of all time, @TheRock,” Ziggler tweeted. “Appreciate it brother, I truly do. But only 1 man can right this wrong Sunday, ME. See you at #ExtremeRules drew?
haha & I thought MY name didn’t make any sense

As previously reported, WWE’s Instagram account showed a photo of Ziggler holding the WWE title earlier this week with the caption, “A glimpse into the future?” While replying to the post, The Rock wrote, “I’d co-sign this decision [one-hundred percent]. (Ziggler is a) Talented dude and always has a spark in his presentations.”

McIntyre responded with The Rock’s infamous, “It doesn’t matter what you think,” catchphrase.

Ziggler replied, “can you please untag me from your never-ending convo about me & how you know more than the rock about who’s good and who sucks at wrestling?”

Ziggler has the opportunity to capture his third career world championship title this Sunday. He last held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in 2013 when he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract against Alberto Del Rio.

You can read the tweets below: