As seen in the video below, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took the time to speak with about his victory over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 earlier this year.

For Drew, the contrasts between winning the Royal Rumble match and headlining WrestleMania were significant this year. Instead of the typical thousands of fans for ‘Mania, WWE stars had to perform at the Performance Center in Orlando because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

“It was the opposite of winning the Royal Rumble, because 40,000 people were screaming when I won the Rumble, adrenaline is through the roof, you’re overwhelmed, my legs didn’t work anymore,” Drew explained. “WrestleMania, obviously, there’s nobody there. One, two, three and I’m being passed the Heavyweight Title, my life’s work, and there’s nobody making a sound… It was just a private moment, it felt like. I was looking at it because nobody’s making any noise, I was just in my own head. ‘Oh my goodness, it’s happened.’

“I’m playing a montage of my whole life and career, all the people that sacrificed to get me here to where I’m at – my family, my wife,” Drew continued. “And being gone all the time, and all the hard work that I put in, and all the injuries. And my goodness, I’m champion. And that was literally all going through my head, and then I clipped to reality, saw Brock Lesnar’s prone body beside me and went, ‘Oh yeah, you just beat Brock in the main event at WrestleMania. Oh yeah, there’s millions of people around the world watching right now.'”

Drew recounted the steps he took after defeating Brock and bringing the WWE Title home with him. He admitted that because things change so unexpectedly in WWE, he wasn’t convinced he was the WWE Champion until he watched it with his own eyes.

“I left the building, I came to the office here, I put the title in the closet over there, and I was no longer champion because it hadn’t happened. My wife was aware, but nobody else was aware what happened. So every interview I did, if you listen to the tone of my voice, the way I’m talking, it’s as if it never happened. Because I know how things change in WWE, I’ve had multiple things change throughout my career, some big moments changed at the last moment, and nothing’s official until it’s official. So I was literally able to convince myself it’s not happened until that three-count happened while I was watching WrestleMania with my wife and the two cats.

Drew still wants WWE to do a big pay-per-view event like WrestleMania in the UK. He has explained on a few different occasions now that he believes a Tyson Fury versus Drew McIntyre match would draw non-wrestling fans to the product.

“I would do whatever it takes to get the UK that big pay-per-view that we’ve not had since SummerSlam ’92. It’s been so long, the fan base has been so loyal, so passionate, it would absolutely be a huge success. And if it takes McIntyre – Fury in the main event to get everyone paying attention who’s not necessarily a wrestling fan, then I’m all about it,” Drew said.

You can see the full interview below: