On the latest episode of the 83 Weeks Podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about Eric Young and his recent interview on Busted Open Radio where he discussed his release from WWE and stated, “WWE is a disaster in how its organized.”

During the interview, Young referred to the WWE system as “broken” and said that it’s hard to get a word in with Vince McMahon. Young noted that he wasn’t willing to wait hours to have a conversation with the boss. Bischoff responded to the comments made by Young and gave his view on what the problems are with the WWE system in the present day from his experience working with the company last year.

“I think the system is challenged for sure, I wouldn’t say it’s broken, but I definitely think there’s a challenge here,” Bischoff said. “In a way I think WWE has become a victim of their own success, I firmly believe that. They are producing so much wrestling, just the sheer volume of it and the work that goes into it doesn’t provide for a lot of opportunity to engage in creative conversations with talent.

“I was there last summer, I saw it. We talk jokingly about drinking fire from a fire hose, that’s what producing television in WWE is because there’s so much of it. It’s not a knock on anybody, I’m f***ing amazed they’re able to crank out the content they’re able to crank out. The sheer volume of it and the quality of it given the quantity of it, but it doesn’t leave a lot of opportunity for thought and creative thought.”

Bischoff believes that WWE needs to be willing to adapt to new changes in the wrestling industry. Bischoff said that if Vince McMahon is unwilling to adapt and change, then they’re headed in the wrong direction.

“That’s what Eric is referring to here,” Bischoff said. “I can identify with what Eric is saying here. The challenge the WWE has is they have a filter but there comes a time where you have to change the creative approach and you have to adapt. Everything changes, nothing ever stays the same. If you can’t A: recognize it and B: be willing to adapt to it, you’re heading in the wrong direction.”

Bischoff noted the success WWE has had for such a long period of time, believing that is a main reason that no changes have been made to the system. He also mentioned how WWE has become the Ford Motor company of pro wrestling.

“I think because the formula has been so successful for so long in WWE, there is a hesitancy to change the formula or change the filter,” Bischoff said. “You have a cookie cutter factory style process, the WWE is now the Ford Motor company of professional wrestling, it’s an assembly line.

“All the parts are interchangeable and sometimes the product is indistinguishable because everything is so interchangeable because of that one filter at the end of the process that determines what goes on television and what doesn’t. When you have the same people training, teaching, coaching, directing, producing and approving the entire process from beginning, middle to end and that one person, that one filter that determines what we see and don’t see hasn’t changed, guess what? Neither does the product.”

Bischoff feels that the major issue and reason the product is hurting is because of the same feel it has. He believes that what Young is referring to when he mentions the system being broken.

“There is a sameness to the WWE product that is a result of the entire process,” Bischoff said. “That sameness is what’s hurting the product and that probably what Eric [Young] is referring to. You don’t have the ability to say ‘Hey what if we do this instead?’ Everything is moving so fast. When they’re changing shows and changing promos and changing everything 5 minutes before showtime, I was there folks I saw it.”

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