AEW announcer, Excalibur, joined the The Sports Bubble with Jensen Karp last week to talk about the changes AEW has seen in response to the ongoing Coronavirus.

Excalibur mentioned how real-life engaged couple, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford, have really stepped up their game during these challenging times. He sees a bright future for both stars if they continue with their momentum.

“Kip Sabian, he’s one of the names that I mentioned that really, kind of, stepped up, and he proved that he’s somebody that can be counted on,” Excalibur said. “Not just as being there, but also rising to the occasion. I think he’s got a very, very bright future in this business, as well as his fiance, Penelope Ford, who I think she would admit that when AEW started, she was not among one of the best women on our roster in terms of in-ring performance.

“But over these last few months, she’s grown as a performer not only in her ability, but also in her confidence of herself,” he continued. “And she had and absolutely fantastic match on our July 1 episode when she challenged for the Women’s World Title. I think it was a match that, you know, fans were excited for but they had their reservations. And she, Penelope Ford and Hikaru Shida, absolutely outkicked their coverage in that regard.”

Excalibur also noted that real-life brothers, Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. of “The Lucha Brothers”, were separated when the United States went into quarantine because Pentagon lives in Mexico while Rey lives in the US. He’s happy that the duo can finally be reunited and go back to doing what they love most – performing together.

“I think the Lucha Brothers, Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr., who are two real-life brothers. They were born in Mexico City. Rey Fenix lives in the states and Pentagon Jr. lives in Mexico, and they have been traveling for perhaps the past six or seven years with each other, every single week,” Excalibur said. “They were constantly in each other’s presence and then had three months where they couldn’t see each other, and so, I know that when they came back to TV, and were able to travel together, and things started to feel, kind of, normal again for them, that was really huge. And so, it’s some of the best in-ring performers that we have but it’s also just on a personal level, it just makes me feel good that they get to see each other again.”

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