Excalibur Talks AEW Empty Arena Shows, Who's Currently In The Stands

AEW announcer Excalibur appeared on The Sports Bubble with Jensen Karp to talk about AEW doing shows without a live audience in previous months. With the COVID pandemic shutting down states in previous months, AEW kept things going with tapings in Georgia and at Daily's Place in the Florida.

Excalibur was asked about how the rosters felt when they had to wrestle in front of no fans, and he noted have at least a few people in the crowd is so much better than none.

"Nobody is happy about it, this is just the reality and there's absolutely nothing to be done," Excalibur responded. "It's so much better to be wrestling in front of 50 people than no people. Before that massive taping in Georgia, we were in Jacksonville and we did it with absolutely no crowd ? and it is bizarre. As an announcer I could hear my voice echoing around the building."

Currently, AEW has wrestlers not involved in the show at ringside with additional fans dotted throughout the upper parts of Daily's Place. The AEW announcer gave more insight to how AEW is handling everyone that comes into the building.

"We have the wrestlers who are not wrestling on the episode sitting at ringside," Excalibur said. "AEW is owned by the Khan Family, the Khan family also owns the Jacksonville Jaguars, so we are recording our shows in the Daily's Place Amphitheater, which is adjacent to the football stadium in Jacksonville. The Jags employees, friends, and family, they fill out the rest of the crowd. There are basically 50 people that are in the audience ? they're all spaced out.

"The way it works is if you are coming backstage, if you are coming in contact with an employee, whether you are a wrestler, a lighting guy, a pyro guy, a rigger, or catering, or security, you get a blood test and temperature check, everyday that you're coming into the building. If you are sitting in the crowd, they are kept apart from everybody else there in the upper bowl area. Those people do health surveys and temperature checks."

You can hear his comments in the video above.

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