ECW Original and former WWE & TNA talent Francine Fournier has been semi-retired for a while now but she continues to build a following of fans on social media.

Francine runs her “Eyes Up Here” podcast these days and has a Patreon account where she posts exclusive content for fans, including the reading of uncensored direct messages she receives from other fans.

The Queen of Extreme received some attention Twitter this week after posting a video, which you can see below. That led to people saying she had work done to get bigger implants. Francine dismissed that talk and said she no longer has implants as they have both ruptured over the years.

She wrote, “For those of you who were asking: No I didn’t get bigger implants. In fact, I no longer have implants since they have both ruptured. I have gained weight since ECW so my thighs, torso and boobs are bigger. And that’s okay. [thumbs up emoji]”

She wrote in a follow-up tweet, “And to those who keep saying ‘you are healthy now’ please stop. I was healthy back then. Don’t let some idiot sheet writers let you think otherwise. I couldn’t gain weight back then, even though I was on weigh gainers. I wasn’t unhealthy, I just had a very high metabolism.”

You can see some of Francine’s related tweets below: