FTR, formerly known as The Revival, have been doing their parts to assist the Black Lives Matter movement. The duo put some of their ring gear on sale on eBay last month with the proceeds going to Black Lives Matter.

They spoke more about their support for BLM when they joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I hope that it goes beyond pro wrestling. Obviously, I hope that it encompasses pro wrestling but it was something I felt really strongly about because I don’t think I was educated enough to understand it up until this point,” said Dax. “Both Cash and myself felt really bad that we, not consciously, but subconsciously?”

“We were ignorant,” jumped in Cash.

“Yeah, very, very ignorant,” replied Dax. “I had a lot of talks with my wife and she helped put this together. I feel that people who are taking offense to the Black Lives Matter movement, I don’t want them to be fans of ours if they’re taking offense. There is nothing to be offended about. Something needs to change and something needs to happen. I’ve speaking from the heart but we are all created by God and he made us in His image. It doesn’t matter what color He painted us. He made us in His image and He wants all of us to be equal and it’s time for everybody to be equal.

“So, Cash and myself decided to step up. We raised $4,000 on eBay and then we donated $4,000 of our own money to Nex Millen here in Asheville, North Carolina. He hosts a studio for the youth of Asheville to come in and he teaches them how to play instruments. It’s called Organic Synergy and he gives them the opportunity to sing and rap and keep them off the streets. His business was affected by COVID so we’ve taken that money and donated it to him.”

“It’s no secret that Dax and myself come from small towns in a southern state,” replied Cash. “North Carolina, obviously, has a history that you can’t always be proud of because of things like this. I credit my family because I was never taught to hate and Dax wasn’t either. But I also was never taught to understand fully what our friends go through just because of the color of their skin. I had so many friends growing up that I didn’t care what color they were as I loved them all equally. But the older I get, the more hurt I see them go through and the more I understand their struggle. I’m able to look at it through eyes that I’ve never really seen it before.”

Cash then talked about their friendship with The New Day and how closely they worked with them. He says he grew up wrestling with Xavier Woods and said New Day are good human beings trying to fight the good fight for people.

“It hurts to see these guys go through what they have to go through based off something so trivial such as skin color which should not matter at all. We wanted to break our own stereotypes as two white guys from Southern states, there’s always gonna be this preconceived notion about how we feel and it couldn’t be further from the truth,” stated Cash. “We wanted to do something to show people from similar areas that we come from that you can make a difference. You can make a change and help your brothers and sisters in need that are hurting. All you’ve got to do is stand up and use your voice. You don’t have to donate money but you can use your words because words mean something and actions mean something. Because of that, we felt like if it came from us maybe somewhere there will be two impressionable young guys in our similar areas it could reach and they could make a difference themselves. We wanted to help ? that’s the long version of it.”

Their outspoken support of Black Lives Matter is similar to that of Randy Orton and FTR joked that they would get along well with Orton and form a nice faction.

FTR then spoke about AEW doing its part to help with COVID-19 relief by donating money and raising awareness at Fight for the Fallen.

“We’re very excited to be working with AEW now ? a company that actually cares. We actually feel important and we feel like we’re part of a company that’s bigger than ‘pro rasslin,'” stated Dax. “They’re gonna donate their funds to Florida’s First Coast Relief Fund ? things like that come from the heart. The Khans are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m just excited to be with a company that is that passionate about something like this.”

“Agreed,” replied Cash. “I’ll just leave it at that. I agree with everything he just said.”

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