The ELITE were trolling FTR for years when they were The Revival in WWE. Now that they’ve been freed the two are finally free to openly discuss the comments that were pointedly directed their way.

The tag team discussed their relationship with Cody and The Young Bucks when they joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I think that the perception is that we have been friends with these guys for years and we were okay with them doing that. We’ve had discussions with them and discussions with Cody as well,” said Dax. “When they first started the whole FTR thing, that really didn’t bother us as they’re trying to make a name for a couple of guys who are carrying tag team wrestling. For so long they carried tag team wrestling ? I’ll give them that. But then here comes two 5-foot-10 North Carolinians who don’t have to go out there and do ‘Too Sweet’ and superkicks and all that nostalgia stuff. We go out there and work and we grab the audience’s attention. I think they got a little jealous of that and that’s okay, as I said, we’ve had discussions about that.”

He then mentioned how Cody said on Sam Roberts’ podcast that FTR has to “practice” their matches and that really upset them because that comment cheapened what they do.

“I have never ? in over 15+ years in this glorious business ? have I ever practiced a wrestling match,” said Dax. “For Cody and The Young Bucks to say that we were practicing for weeks, that was a little too much for me. So the FTR thing ? whatever ? but don’t try to discredit our legacy.”

Cash then brought up that Cody said that right after NXT TakeOver: Toronto because that was the best tag match in 25 years and it didn’t involve The Young Bucks.

“Dax wasn’t cleared to wrestle from TakeOver: Brooklyn to TakeOver: Toronto. He had his knee scoped to get some lose cartilage out there and some bone chips,” revealed Cash. “So, he wasn’t cleared until the Thursday before Toronto. We didn’t have any idea ? we had zero clue what we were gonna be doing until that Saturday.”

He then said that WWE originally wanted the 2-out-of-3 falls match to feature two straight falls for DIY. So, The Revival had to fight to make it go the full three falls.

“So, to tell us that we knew what was gonna happen months prior is an insult and it pisses me off to this day,” admitted Cash. “And Cody knows that because we told him.”

FTR faced The Lucha Bros at Fight for the Fallen last Wednesday and the high-flyers style is very different than the strict, adhering-to-the rules style of FTR. They were asked if the Lucha Bros not following the rules bothers them.

“It bothers us when EVERY tag team doesn’t adhere to the rules or is very lax with the rules,” stated Cash. “But at the same time, that’s another reason that we’re here. That’s one of our main mission statements when we got here. We want to change the tag team division for the better. We’re not here to just do what everybody else does. We’re not here to just run with the crowd and blend in. We’re here to stand out and to help make the tag team division mean as much as humanly possible to the point where, hopefully, when it’s all said and done people will say this was the golden era of tag team wrestling. We have the talent for it and now we just need all of the other pieces to fall into place.”

“It just doesn’t stop at AEW. We wanna do this around the globe,” said Dax. “We wanna completely transform tag team wrestling back into a money-drawing position like it was back in the 80s and even in the late 90s as well. Not just the Lucha Bros but every tag team ? we have a style and I think a lot of guys fall into the mindset of, ‘Let’s be creative and do fun stuff and keep these fans interested’ so they completely forget the rules when putting their stuff together. But the actual creative process about tag team matches is taking your creativeness and working around the rules. And figuring out ways to make your stuff exciting and compelling around the rules and using that referee and letting them know the referee means something.

“I’ve used this analogy before ? Cash and myself have on the road many times. Michael Jordan and LeBron James ? if either one were to run out of bounds, it doesn’t count. They have to stop the play and they still abide by the rules. That’s what we’re here to do ? completely change tag team wrestling and make it a money-drawing part of the business.”

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