WWE is in the midst of a long-term partnership with Saudi Arabia, despite there being a questionable travel delay at Crown Jewel in 2019. Former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich spoke about why WWE has been so eager to put the Saudi story behind them when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

“I believe there is more to the business transactions. I have said this on my Live that I would not doubt that if Vince was to sell his company, it would probably be for about $8 billion because UFC sold for $5 billion,” said Savinovich. “I will not say that Saudi Arabia would not be in the run to do that. Plus, they wanna get that contract and I haven’t heard anything official that that has happened because of difference in figures between what Vince wants and what they wanna pay. But they need to have a better relationship and until this quiets down? they don’t need a scandal because they already have enough on their hands. Saudi Arabia is trying to look for its future and they know the future is not gonna be oil because the more we modernize, the more we’re gonna have other sources. Right now, the United States is a powerful nation and they don’t need to depend on Saudi Arabia or the Middle East for oil. I think this is powerful people ? WWE and Saudi Arabia ? and they have alliances.

“I wanna make it clear ? I am a Republican. I voted for Trump and I will vote for Trump. So, this is not a Democratic guy burying Trump. I get a lot of heat because I stand with Trump. I’m just going to tell you what I feel in my heart and this is a gigantic money deal in the future that we don’t know yet and they wanna make sure in the future Saudi Arabia, oil will not be the king of their money. It will be more of the touristic side and WWE is looking at the future there. So, they are already in the business. There will be, perhaps, billions of dollars to be made in the new future of Saudi Arabia which I believe is gonna be the tourist industry and exotic, crazy adventures that they will create for people around the world.”

Savinovich then talked more about Trump’s influence and the connections that both WWE and Saudi Arabia have.

“I believe what WWE is doing is not too different than Google and other places that are so powerful. Yet, with the American government, [Google] will not give him technology. Yet, with China, they were willing to give them the tracking system so the government of China could spy with its system. They will not give it to the United States yet they will give it to China,” Savinovich said of Google.

“I think that the big corporations don’t have an American flag. They have stocks which is the way they make business. In the world of business, it’s transactions and people very seldom know the faces of their negotiations. I think the WWE is bigger than many people think. I think WWE has more power and connections than what we know. With Trump being in power and Linda being an ex-part of the government and now she’s doing the election thing for Trump, I think there’s a lot of connections. Trust me, it’s not just what WWE is doing but this is the way companies have their people do business and contracts. So, this is a very familiar thing in the government.”

He called the Saudi payday WWE got “blood money” before saying they should not go back. He doesn’t think that WWE should even be doing business with the Saudis.

“I wasn’t talking about this, Nick [Hausman], but it was the [WWE] lawyer who brought me back into this situation. It’s unfortunate because I did not want to talk about it. If somebody calls you and you’ve got friends and talent that was there telling you this, then somehow within 48 hours the official word is that there was a mechanical situation? If they want you to leave Saudi Arabia, which is one of the most powerful countries in the world with connections, they could make you leave in less than 30 minutes if they really wanted you to leave that country,” said Savinovich who added that by the end of July he thinks more wrestlers will speak out about what happened.

“Once they attack you and you represent people that need me to be strong because I help sustain places where kids go to get food and orphanages ? it’s very important to me that they know they can trust me. What I’ve done for 24 years is not gonna go to waste because a powerful lawyer is burying me. I wish that he would have checked about my page. I don’t make money on this page and I wish he would have checked that I’m going through a very delicate situation in my life with the loss of my wife and sister, the situation with my kids and my own situation? Everyday is a battle and I say this because there is a lot of people that are hurting and going through this and I don’t hide it. But it does hurt me.

“When they talk about not doing cyberbullying, in a way, this is a very delicate situation. I don’t make money on the page and they didn’t take time to investigate my own issues and how delicate my life is right now. I’m very much struggling. My wife’s battle was for two years and it’s been eight months since she died. My sister ? it’s been eight months and two days. My boys are going through a bad situation and for them to be messing with me when they know that I don’t mess with them ? I love them and respect them and that was part of my family and I will always pray for them. I think it was unjust and I wish they would have checked what I’m going through before putting me through this.”

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