As noted earlier at this link, WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt recently filed a motion to have a class action lawsuit against the company dismissed. The stockholder’s suit has to do with WWE’s dealings with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the infamous travel debacle from WWE Crown Jewel 2019.

McDevitt’s motion included a statement dismissing comments made by former WWE Spanish-language commentator Hugo Savinovich, who was one of the first people to speak out about the Saudi debacle, claiming to be able to confirm some of the details making the rounds. WWE denied Savinovich’s allegations. Savinovich recently took to Facebook Live and responded to McDevitt’s dismissal.

“My reputation in the wrestling business is very high,” Savinovich said. “I started at 14 years old and have done everything: writer, producer, wrestler, commentator. I stick with what I said: WWE wrestlers were kidnapped in Arabia Saudi. That’s what my sources told me. I don’t need money, I don’t need fan attention, it’s a very sad thing that WWE and his lawyer try to humiliate me and discredit my story.

“The Prince of Saudi Arabia fought with Vince McMahon, that’s what they told me from Stamford, in the WWE central television studios and I hold on to that report. I’m not afraid of WWE. I’m also not afraid of Saudi Arabia, a country that killed a journalist of yours in Turkey. WWE was wrong to go to Saudi Arabia. But I’m not afraid to speak. WWE herself gave me the information.”

Savinovich continued and said he’s not against WWE, but he stands by his previous statements and said “the curtain” is falling on Vince McMahon’s empire. He also said he has refused to speak against the company in court because he loves Vince and the McMahon family.

“WWE wrestlers gave me that information,” he said of the claims from the Crown Jewel 2019 debacle. “It hurts me that and other websites has made that report from the words of the WWE’s lawyer. I was told that the wrestlers had been held by Saudi Arabia. I’m not against WWE. The curtain falls on the McMahon empire. My version is quite strong and supports the legal trial that WWE is living right now. My report reached FOX, Sportskeeda, Forbes and dozens of media. There was a wrestler who decided to be anonymous and he also told me. He was afraid of WWE, but he participated in events in Saudi Arabia. Everyone was uncertain if they were going to go home alive.

“I have connections around the world and my passion is to bring the truth to people, I love what I do, I have been transparent. I don’t hate WWE and have refused to speak in court, they offered me money to speak in court, but I won’t, because I love Vince and the McMahon family. I am faithful to Vince and my friends. But the version that I told them, as creepy as it sounds, was what really happened there, confirmed by several workers of WWE, the wife of a former wrestler from the company and another former wrestler from WWE.”

Savinovich reiterated that he was told that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia kidnapped WWE Superstars and held them hostage over the issues Vince allegedly had going with Saudi officials.

“I am not seeking to harm WWE or the McMahon family,” Savinovich said. “I am still firm in my report, I do not have the testicles to harm WWE, but if there is a truth I will always tell it, and the truth is that Saudi Arabia kidnapped the WWE Superstars. Saudi Arabia cannot be trusted because they have so much power, so much so that they murdered and dismembered a compatriot of theirs in Turkey.

“I will take the secret to my grave, because I don’t want to hurt WWE, because I love them, I have credibility and what I said is the truth. Hugo Savinovich does not make money from his news, and the WWE’s lawyer knows it, it is a pity that I was put in this position to make myself look like a liar. What a shame! The former WWE wrestlers and the wife of one of them confirmed that they were held.”