WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan and retired pro bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman have recently joked about doing some sort of project and a match together, but now it looks like we could see a public workout with the two big men.

As seen below, The Hulkster recently posted an Instagram video and said he’s undergoing his 10th back surgery but he’s reaching out to Coleman and coming after him, despite having both hips and knees replaced. Hogan also proposed that maybe they can team up and have a “Geritol match” or win the World Tag Team Titles together.

Coleman responded on Instagram Live and said he’s always been a fan of Hogan.

“I want to say I appreciate that, coming from a legend like you,” Coleman said on Instagram Live. (H/T to Generation Iron) “I just want you to know that I’ve always been a big fan. I remember when you were with the WWF. That’s how far you go back, and I go back, to being old legends. I remember the day when you picked up Andre the Giant, and you slammed him on that floor like he was a light weight baby. A real light weight baby, in the form of a real baby. We all know Andre the Giant was a 7-foot-five, 7-foot-six, 500lb man. So we know what it takes to pick up somebody like that. It takes a lot of strength, a lot of will, a lot of courage, a lot of eating your vitamins like we used to say back in the day. I remember that!”

Coleman also responded to a challenge from Hogan and said, “Any day, any time, anywhere.”

Coleman later made another Instagram post where he said “Champions always find a way back to the top” in response to the multiple surgeries he and Hogan have had through their careers. He also said “the world wouldn’t be ready for our tag team duo” in response to Hogan’s earlier comments.

Hogan tweeted today and said something is going down between he and Coleman at one of their homes.

“For all you Johnny come lately bodybuilders or gym owners,this is between me and Ronnie Coleman and it’s going down at his or my house so BUTT OUT!!! HH,” he wrote.

It looks like there could be some sort of public workout with Hogan and Coleman as Coleman said he’s looking forward to visiting Hogan’s home gym the next time he’s in Florida, which could be what Hogan is referencing in his latest tweet. Coleman also has a home gym.

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