Impact Wrestling star Rosemary (Holly Letkeman) took to Twitter to defend the idea that the term “Knockouts” is empowering to women. In response to a fan, she explained that the roster has specifically said that they approve of the term.

“Its 2020. Time to just call it the Impact Womens Championship. Knockouts is kinda demeaning. Lets show these talented ladies the respect they deserve,” the fan wrote.

“It’s not, actually. And the roster has said MANY times how “Knockouts” makes us feel like badasses,” Rosemary replied. “KOs come in all shapes in sizes & we are all badass and beautiful. It’s WHY I went to train! So please stop telling us how we should be insulted when we already feel empowered.”

Impact Hall of Famer and producer, Gail Kim, also chimed in on the conversation. She added that the roster has discussed this debate in the past and the majority of the roster likes “Knockouts” being used.

“If people only knew that we have discussed this and the majority of us like it. Its not demeaning to us at all. It’s empowering and special,” Gail wrote.

Even TNA/Impact veteran, Traci Brooks, gave her two cents, explaining that the term encapsulates all the great attributes a woman should have when competing in the ring.

“Knockouts is the perfect name for the women past and present of Impact(TNA) Strong, powerful, tough and kick ass. All different and beautiful in their own way. I will always be proud to be the Original knockout.”

The TNA “Knockouts” division started fully forming in 2007. It peaked with a 10?Knockout gauntlet match at Bound for Glory that year, which Gail Kim won by lastly eliminating Roxxi Laveaux to become the first Knockouts Champion.

You can see the full tweets below: