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Tonight’s Impact will be the go-home episode before Slammiversary on Saturday!

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcome fans to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a 5 on 5 Knockouts tag team match!

Kiera Hogan, Tasha Steelz, Rosemary, Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E Bravo) & Kimber Lee vs. Alisha Edwards, Nevaeh, Havok, Susie & Kylie Rae

Nevaeh and Tasha Steelz kick things off. Nevaeh spears Steelz then drags her over to her side to tag in Havok. Havok takes each competitor out one-by-one. Hogan and Steelz are all over Nevaeh on the outside. Susie yells out, “That’s bad,” then summersaults on top of them. Kylie Rae is the only woman on the apron. She wants to be tagged in. Havok tags her in before she dives to the outside. Taya Valkyrie intercepts Rae. Valkyrie keeps the offense going with a snapmare boot kick. Rosemary hangs Rae off the ropes with an Upside Down. Valkyrie takes over the coverage will a lateral press cover on Rae. Rae escapes at 2. Valkyrie hits a double knee attack on Rae. She drags Rae over and gets Steelz to come in and take her place.

Steelz tries to keep Rae down with a sleeper hold. Rae rises to her feet, only to be swung to the opposite side of the ring. Steelz tags Hogan in. Hogan grabs hold of Rae’s hand so she can’t tag anyone from her corner. Hogan pushes Rae towards her corner and brings Kimber Lee in. Lee rolls Rae over with a snapmare. She goes for a cover. Rae kicks out at 2. Lee puts Rae in a sleeper hold before the commercial break.

Back from the break, we see that Lee and Rae are still the legal women. Lee slams Rae down on the mat, then goes for a cover. Rae kicks out again at 2. Rae rolls free to tag in Susie. Susie jumps on top of Lee and keeps the forearm hits coming. Lee heads to the top. Susie smashes Lee with a strong uppercut. Now, all 10 women are making their way into the ring. Alisha Edwards gets caught off the top with a double DDT from Rosemary and Valkyrie. Rae superkicks Lee. Susie spins Lee round and round, then connects a panic switch (a move made famous by Su Yung). Susie goes for the pin, and grabs the win for her team!

Winners: Susie, Alisha Edwards, Nevaeh, Havok & Kylie Rae

Post-Match: The women continue their brawl. Kylie Rae is the last woman standing.

After that powerhouse match, Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne run through tonight’s card, and what’s to come this Saturday at Slammiversary.

Speaking of competitors at Slammiversary, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton are on a journey. Austin is set to return to his roots before his big main event match on Saturday.

Last week, Rhino challenged Hernandez to an arm-wrestling match. They’re still going! Moose tries to interrupt their match, by asking if either man wants to be his tag team partner tonight. Both of them tell him no. Rhino wins! Hernandez is not too happy about that.

Next, we see the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s an X-Division match between Kenny King, Suicide and Chris Sabin.

After the Impact Plus Moment of the Week, we head back to the ring for some tag team action!

XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) vs. The Deaners

The bell rings. Cousin Jake and Larry D lockup. They restart. Larry D has Cousin Jake in a side headlock. Cousin Jake breaks out of the hold by pushing Larry D towards the ropes. Larry D shoulder tackles Cousin Jake. Jake rises quickly to send Larry D off his feet with a powerslam. Cody Deaner is tagged in. Larry D rocks Cody Deaner with a forearm then tags in Acey Romero. Romero has Cody Deaner up and throws him over towards the top turnbuckle. Cody Deaner side steps Romero, who falls out of the ring. Larry D slams Cody Deaner with a sit-down powerbomb. Cousin Jake runs in and rolls Larry D up for a pin. Larry D doesn’t kick out. The Deaners win!

Winners: The Deaners

Post-Match: Mad that they didn’t win their match, XXXL continue their fight towards The Deaners. Acey Romero flies off the top rope with a lethal elbow drop.

Backstage: Moose is still looking for a tag team partner tonight. He asks Rohit Raju, but screws up his approach by telling Raju that he’s his “last resort.” After Raju calls him out on what he just said, he tells Moose he’ll think about it.

Back from the break, Johnny Swinger is still on a mission to find a way to sneak into Chris Bey’s championship match this Saturday. He tells the referee that he’s Bey’s “emotional support companion.” The referee says ok. Swinger will get to stand at ringside during Bey’s match on Saturday!

Following that, we see how Chris Bey and Willie Mack’s buildup feud towards the X-Division began.

As Swinger goes back to inform Bey about the good news, Swinger overhears Bey talking smack about him to backstage interviewer Gabby Loren.

Next, we see a video package showcasing how Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo began their feud towards the Knockouts Championship.

Speaking of those two Knockouts, Jimmy Jacobs is standing by with Grace and Purrazzo. Both women are about to sign their contract for their match on Saturday. After they both sign it, Grace slams Purrazzo’s face into the table.

The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) have just celebrated their first anniversary as tag team champions. However, they will be facing their toughest competitors yet on Saturday. It’ll be The North vs. Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock for the tag titles. We see how their feud came to be.

We head back to the ring to see the self-proclaimed TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose in action.

Moose & Rohit Raju vs. Crazzy Steve & Tommy Dreamer

Tommy Dreamer and Rohit Raju square off. Dreamer puts Raju in a side headlock Raju reverses the hold by twisting Dreamer’s arm back. Raju tries to lift Dreamer for a suplex, but he’s having a hard time doing so. Dreamer counters with a suplex of his own. Dreamer heads over to tag in Crazzy Steve. Raju drives through Crazzy Steve before tagging in Moose. Crazzy Steve ducks the line, only to be caught by Moose. Moose throws him up and over across the ring. Moose misses a spear. Crazzy Steve tags in Dreamer. Dreamer connects a knee lift. Him and Moose exchange forearm strikes.

Moose backs Dreamer into the corner. Crazzy Steve dives and gets caught by Moose on the outside. Raju intercepts Dreamer in the ring. Moose rolls back in and stomps on Dreamer. Moose keeps his offense going with a headbutt, then climbs to the middle rope. Moose flies off with a double axe handle, but Dreamer catches him midair. Crazzy Steve becomes the legal man and rolls Raju with a snapmare. Crazzy Steve floats over for a submission hold on Raju, but Moose comes in and breaks it up. Dreamer and Moose are battling on the outside. Crazzy Steve plants Raju with a DDT. Crazzy Steve goes for a cover, and picks up a win for his team!

Winners: Crazzy Steve & Tommy Dreamer

It appears that Ace Austin and Madman Fulton have arrived in Dayton, Ohio.

When we come back from the break, Hernandez will battle Rhino!

Outside, it’s about to go down between Hernandez and Rhino.

Hernandez wants his money. After he takes Rhino out (or so he thought), Rhino fires back by kicking Hernandez right below his belt. Hernandez takes his bandana and starts to choke Rhino with it. Rhino escapes and chokes Hernandez with his bare hands. Their brawl carries over towards the parking lot. Hernandez takes a swing at Rhino with two orange cones. Rhino and Hernandez exchange punches. Rhino tackles Hernandez as he’s standing near a gate. They both look down to see the wad of cash their fighting over. They decide to split their earnings and end their match.

With the Impact World Championship vacant, on Saturday, one man – Eddie Edwards, Ace Austin, Trey, or their mystery opponent – will walk out of Slammiversary as the new World Champion. We see a video package showcasing what each man is capable of bringing this weekend in the main event match.

We return to Austin, who’s working out with Fulton. Austin leaves his workout to recap his entire career in Impact so far.

Coming back from the break, we see a highlight reel showcasing Eddie Edwards’ career since his debut in Impact back in 2014.

After Edwards’ segment, Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne hype up the Slammiversary card once more.

Following that, we see Trey and Wentz hanging out. Trey notices that Austin is working out at their favorite gym in Dayton. They’re going to head on over and surprise him.

Trey and Wentz have arrived at the gym. Austin is busy practicing in the ring. Trey and Wentz sneak in. Wentz hits Fulton in the back with a garbage can. Wentz is able to lock Fulton up for a short while before he breaks free. Trey steps into the ring and lays the smackdown on Austin. Austin lays a few punches before Trey throws him face-first into the ring post. Trey spears Austin up against the wall. Austin fights free and finds a broom to hit Trey with. Austin slams Trey with a chair then locks him up in a sleeper hold. Austin breaks the hold. Trey superkicks him. Austin flies over the barricade. Fulton makes his way back into the gym. Wentz follows him back with a chair. Austin and Fulton leave. Wentz checks in on Trey.

Before the show ends, we see that Scott D’Amore has received a letter in the mail. After reading it he says, “Slammiversay just got a lot more exciting!”

That concludes tonight’s show, thanks for watching! We hope you’ll join us during our live coverage of Slammiversary this Saturday at 8 PM EST.

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