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Welcome to Impact Wrestling! We kick things off with a video from EC3! After EC3’s powerful message, we head to the ring for the first match of the night.

Chris Bey (c) vs. Willie Mack (X-Division Championship Rematch)

Chris Bey comes flying in with a dropkick as the bell rings. Bey covers Willie Mack. Mack kicks out at 2. Mack climbs on top of Bey and lays down a few jabs. Both men rise to their feet. Mack sends Bey off his feet with a right-hand punch. On the outside, Mack powerslams Bey then throws him back into the ring. Bey slingshots over the top rope. Mack has Bey cornered. Bey moves out of the way and connects a backbreaker. Bey goes for a cover, Mack kicks out at 2.

Bey puts Mack in a tight headlock. Mack looks like he’s starting to fade. The referee checks in on Mack. Mack is not giving up! Mack gets back up. Bey stomps on Mack’s back. Bey misses a standing moonsault. He was trying to mock Mack. Mack rolls out of the way, gets up, and lands his standing moonsault on Bey. Mack yells out a profanity, then heads to the top rope. Mack comes up empty after trying to connect his Six-Star Frog Splash. Bey flies off the second rope with a cutter. Bey pins Mack and retains his championship.

Winner: Chris Bey

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne talk about Slammiversary. They’re excited to hear what EC3 has to say tonight. They also run through tonight’s matches.

After Mathews and Rayne’s run-through, the Good Brothers make their arrival! We’ll hear what they have to say right after the commercial break!

Back from the break, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows crack a joke before they give their speech. Anderson says for months, the wrestling community wanted to know: where are the Good Brothers going to go? Anderson said they knew where they wanted to go, and that was to Impact. He also says that he believes that they were part of the reason why Slammiversary was trending this past weekend.

Gallows agrees with his statement. He says that they’re there to create the recipe of what makes for a great tag team, and they don’t need a “Too Sweet” gesture to prove it. Just after Gallows says that Ace Austin’s music hits.

Austin and Madman Fulton make their way to the ring. They introduce themselves to the Good Brothers and notify them that they’re the best tag team out there. All four men start to brawl. Gallows and Anderson make short work of Austin and Fulton by sending them out of the ring.

Backstage:Heath is trying to get into the building, but he’s having a hard time doing so. Heath gives Rhino a call. Rhino is too busy trying to figure out his money situation with Hernandez. They both decide to meet in the ring to settle their differences.

Backstage: Chris Bey is hanging out in his private room. He’s pouring some glasses of champagne for him and his lady friends. Rohit Raju comes in to propose a toast to Bey’s win. Raju tells Bey if he ever needs someone to help watch his back, he’ll be that guy to him.

We head back to the ring for a Knockouts tag team match!

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Nevaeh and Tasha Steelz kick things off. Nevaeh knocks Kiera Hogan off the apron, then shifts her focus back on Steelz with a kick to the back of Steelz. Nevaeh rolls Steelz up in a schoolgirl pin. Steelz gets her shoulders up at 2. Nevaeh tags in Havok. Havok and Nevaeh double team on Steelz. Steelz crawls over to tag in Kiera Hogan. Havok pushes Hogan away. Hogan fires back with a dropkick. Havok sends Hogan off her feet with a powerful clothesline. Nevaeh is tagged back in. Hogan sends Nevaeh into the turnbuckles. After that, Hogan tags Steelz back in. Hogan and Steelz whip Nevaeh into the turnbuckles again.

Hogan goes for a lateral press pin. Nevaeh kicks out at 2. Steelz is back in. She ducks the line but gets caught with a kick to her backside. Steelz gets back up then sends Nevaeh down with a pump kick. The referee gets distracted by Hogan and doesn’t see Nevaeh tagging Havok back in. Nevaeh and Steelz head on over to their corners to tag in their partners. Havok has full control. She catches Steelz and Hogan with two running boot attacks. Hogan tries to go for a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Havok counters it. Havok has Hogan in the piledriver position. Steelz comes back in with a chair and swings it towards the back of Havok. The referee calls for the match.

Winners By Disqualification: Havok & Nevaeh

Post-Match: Nevaeh sends Steelz out of the ring with a chair shot to the midsection. Havok finally connects her tombstone piledriver on Hogan.

Next, we see the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It’s Eddie Edwards vs. Bobby Lashley. This clip shows the first time that Edwards became the World Champion

Back from the Impact Plus Moment, Sami Callihan goes looking for Ken Shamrock. He blames him for their loss against The North this past Saturday. Shamrock says if Callihan has a problem with him, he’ll see him in the ring next week.

Rob Van Dam is back! RVD and Katie Forbes are happy to be themselves again.

Up next, Rhino and Hernandez are about to settle their money dispute.

Rhino vs. Hernandez (Winner Takes All)

The bell rings. Rhino charges in with a Gore on Hernandez. Rhino goes for the pin. He wins the match and his money.

Winner: Rhino

Backstage: The North list off their tag team accolades before their main event match against The Motor City Machine Guns. Ethan Page says if they’re so good, then they should try to win the belts off of them tonight.

Still, to come, Eddie Edwards will make an appearance.

Back from the break, we see a teasing vignette from Brian Myers (f.k.a. Curt Hawkins)!

Following that, we see all the new and retaining champions from Slammiversary and their opponents talking about that historic night!

Backstage: Gia Miller tries to get a quick word from the new Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo says that she heard Jordynne Grace got injured during their match. Therefore, she doesn’t have anyone to put the title up against. The No. 1 Contender to that title, Kylie Rae, steps in during Purrazzo’s interview and introduces herself. They both start to trade shots. The other Knockouts in the back try to break them apart.

Speaking of champions, the new and now two-time World Champion Eddie Edwards heads to the ring!

Edwards begins his speech by saying that him becoming the new champion feels so right. He is ready for his new journey. He believes that stability has been missing, and his goal is to become a defending champion that the men and women in the back can be proud of. He announces that each week, he will defend his championship against anyone who feels the need to challenge him! After he says that, Eric Young’s music hits, and he steps out to speak to Edwards.

Edwards cuts EY off by saying he does not deserve a title match. Edwards is disappointed with Ey’s behavior and how he took Rich Swann out. Young says that Impact belongs to him, and Edwards should thank him. EY says the reason they’re both standing there right now is because EY made it so. Edwards has heard enough. He dives out of the ring and collides with EY on the outside. Several referees run out to separate the two men.

Backstage: Gia Miller is standing by with the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Moose. Moose is not intimidated by Edwards’ announcement about becoming a weekly defending champion. Miller asks if he’ll do the same thing as Edwards is doing. He says he’ll decide when to hand out the invitations. But for now, he has a match with Fallah Bahh, which is coming up next!

Backstage:Gia Miller follows up with Edwards about his fighting champion comment. Trey appears and asks if he could challenge Edwards for the title next week. Edwards accepts his proposal.

Up next, the Self-Proclaimed TNA Champion Moose, heads down to the ring for his match.

Moose vs. Fallah Bahh (w/TJP) (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

The bell rings. Both men lockup. Moose pushes Fallah Bahh towards the corner. Moose tries to choke Bahh. Bahh moves out of the corner and lands a couple of chops. Moose catches Bahh with a boot. Moose sends Bahh to the mat then slams on top of him with a flying elbow. Moose calls Bahh a, ‘Piece of crap,’ then lands a solid chop on Bahh. Moose rakes the eyes of Bahh then connects the Lights Out spear. Moose goes for a cover. Bahh doesn’t kick out. Moose retains his championship.

Winner: Moose

Post-Match: EC3 is standing behind Moose. EC3 sends Moose down and out with an ECD!

Outside: Ace Austin and Madman Fulton pull up on the Good Brothers, who are leaving the building. Austin taunts Gallows and Anderson to distract them from Reno Scum, who come up from behind and attack the both of them.

Rosemary and John E. Bravo are hanging out at an undisclosed house. Rosemary asks Bravo if he could have one thing, what would it be? Before he’s able to answer, Taya Valkyrie marches down the stairs and interrupts them. Even though Rosemary wanted this moment to be just between her and Bravo, she decides to turn their event into a party. One-by-one, the roster teleports on over to their get together, which they’re calling the “Wrestle House.” Next week, we’ll see the television premiere of this new reality show.

Mathews and Rayne announce next week’s card. It’ll be:

– The Good Brothers vs. Reno Scum

– Eddie Edwards will defend his championship for the first time against Trey

And now, the main event!

The North (c) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Impact World Tag Team Championships)

We are back from the break. Alex Shelley and Ethan Page square off. Shelley begins the match by having some wrist control over Page. Page reverses it into a side headlock. Page tags in Josh Alexander. Shelley tags in Chris Sabin. Sabin locks in an octopus submission. Alexander drops down. Sabin switches it up by sending Alexander off his feet with two arm drags. Sabin tags Shelley back in. Alexander takes Shelley back to his corner so he can tag in Page. MCMG are both in the ring now. They both connect a double superkick on Page before the commercial break.

Back from the second and final break of the evening, Shelley connects a crossbody on Page. Shelley goes for the pin, Page kicks out. Alexander is back in. Alexander slams Shelley’s face into the apron. Alexander rolls Shelley back into the ring. Alexander has Shelley’s right arm locked up. Page grabs a tag. Page rams himself up against Shelley in the corner. Page tags Alexander back in. Alexander lands a few jabs before making another quick tag to Page. Page keeps Shelley near his corner. He puts Shelley in a front face lock before tagging Alexander back in. Alexander comes in quickly before making another tag to Page. Page has Shelley up for a delayed vertical suplex. Page hands Shelley over to Alexander. Alexander slams Shelley down on the mat. Shelley gets some defense in with a moonsault. He heads over to tag in Sabin. Sabin lands an impressive tornado DDT on Alexander and Page. Sabin hooks the leg on Page. Page kicks out at 2.5. Sabin flies out of the ring with a dive on Alexander.

Now in the ring, MCMG comes together. Shelley and Sabin trap Page and Alexander with double submissions (a crossface and cloverleaf). Sabin and Alexander become the legal men. Sabin counters Alexander with a jumping knee. Alexander slaps Sabin midair. Page connects a strong shoulder tackle. Page kicks Shelley out of the ring. The North come together with a wheelbarrow cutter/suplex combination. Shelley breaks up the count for Sabin. The North has Sabin up for The Northern Assault. Sabin reverses out of it and unexpectedly rolls Page up. Page doesn’t get his shoulders up in time. The Motor City Machine Guns are now the new World Tag Team Champions!

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns

After that main event match, we see that Heath has found his way into the building. We’ll see what he has planned next week.

That concludes this week’s show. Thanks for watching! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come on next week’s episode: