Impact Wrestling "Slammiversary 2020" Results

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary. This pay-per-view event is available on FITE TV and traditional PPV. The show will begin at 8 PM EST! Be sure to chime in on your thoughts about tonight's show in the comments section below. Additionally, share our live coverage through social media. Make sure to click the REFRESH button to continue to get the most current up to date coverage. Above and below is what's on tonight's agenda:

Eddie Edwards vs. Trey vs. Ace Austin vs. Mystery Opponent

Moose (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Willie Mack (c) vs. Chris Bey

The North (c) vs. Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan

Alisha Edwards vs. Havok vs. Kiera Hogan vs. Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae vs. Nevaeh vs. Madison Rayne vs. Rosemary vs. Susie vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Taya Valkyrie
Winner become number one contender for Impact Knockouts Championship

The Rascalz vs. TBA

Welcome to the show! We see an opening video package highlighting what's to come for tonight's show.

Josh Mathews and Don Callis welcome fans to Slammiversary! The show kicks off with the Rascalz' tag team open challenge!

Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs. ???

Their opponents are... the Motor City Machine Guns!

Rascalz vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Bell rings, Alex Shelley and Wentz, begin the match. Shelley twists Wentz's arm up. Wentz flips out of the hold. Shelley and Wentz trade shots before Shelley tags in Chris Sabin. Wentz heads to his corner and tags in Dez. Sabin grabs hold of Dez's arm. Dez reverses the hold. Sabin comes through with a clothesline before running the ropes. Dez connects a hurricanrana. Shelley makes his way in after his partner is thrown over the top rope. Wentz steps in. Wentz goes off the back of Sabin. Wentz goes for a cover, Sabin kicks out at 2.

Wentz rolls on top of Sabin then runs over and tries to take Shelley off the apron. Shelley provides a distraction with a kick to the back of Wentz. Shelley assists Sabin. Sabin lands two punt kicks. The referee begins the count. Wentz makes it back in at 7, as does Shelley. Wentz trades a few forearm shots. Shelley's hits Wentz with just one forearm – Wentz goes crashing down. Sabin and Shelley connect a double dropkick. Sabin goes for a cover, Wentz kicks out at 2.

Sabin has Wentz locked up. Wentz rises to his feet and gets Shelley to join him in the ring. Shelley lands a thunderous kick to the back of Wentz's spine. Sabin plants Wentz with a brainbuster. Wentz kicks out of a lateral press pin. Wentz fights out of Motor City Machine Guns' spell by slapping the tar out of Shelley and Sabin's chests. Wentz rocks Shelley with a handspring combination. Wentz tags Dez in. Dez takes out Shelley off the back of Sabin. Shelley is back in the ring. He's looking for German Suplex, but it gets blocked. Wentz superkicks Shelley. Wentz heads up top and connects a double foot stomp. The Rascalz go for a cover, Sabin breaks it up. Following that, we see a codebreaker, then a Swanton from Dez. Shelley turns Dez all the way around with a suplex.

Shelley gets a tag into Sabin. Shelley slams Dez with a roundhouse kick. Both Shelley and Sabin drive Dez into the mat, but Wentz comes in to stop the pin count. Wentz gets caught with a Manhatten Drop. Motor City Machine Guns pick up the win after a devastating ASCS Rush to Dez.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

After that hard-hitting match, Don Callis and Josh Mathews run through tonight's card.

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie does not want John E. Bravo to screw up her chances in the gauntlet match. Rosemary comes in after Valkyrie leaves and says that tonight, she needs to win this.

We see a video highlight showcasing Moose's self-proclaim reign with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He'll defend his championship, next!

Moose (c) vs. Tommy Dreamer (TNA World Heavyweight Championship – Old School Rules)

The bell rings and both men stand toe-to-toe against one another. Tommy Dreamer pushes him off, but Moose sends Dreamer down with a shoulder tackle. Moose connects a pump kick, then throws him out of the ring. Dreamer grabs a trash can lid and smacks Moose in the head with it. Dreamer sends Moose into the guardrail. Dreamer misses his chance to hit Moose with a chair. Moose sets Dreamer up on top of the guardrail. Moose pulls Dreamer up and suplexes him on top of the ramp. Moose rolls Dreamer up into the ring. He goes to the outside and grabs a kendo stick.

Moose stands tall over Dreamer. He proceeds to smack Dreamer with the kendo stick. Moose hits Dreamer in the back and also on the side of his leg. Dreamer fights back with a leg sweep and grabs the kendo stick. Dreamer heads to the top but is met with a big boot to the face. Moose brings a garbage can in and places it on top of Dreamer's head. Moose plants a running dropkick. Moose yells out, "This is so easy." Dreamer kicks out of a pin. He heads out to grab a chair. Moose trips Dreamer into the chair after Dreamer misses an opportunity to slam Moose's face into the chair. Moose rolls out and grabs multiple chairs.

Dreamer and Moose exchange shots, but Moose sends Dreamer into the chairs with an Uranagi. He follows it up with a standing moonsault. Moose goes for a pin, Dreamer kicks out at 2. Moose heads to the middle rope and does it again, but he misses his shot. Dreamer goes for a pin on Moose. He kicks out at 2. Dreamer picks up a small black bag filled with thumbtacks. Moose connects a midsection shot. Moose tries to push Dreamer's eyes into the scattered thumbtacks. Dreamer is able to pull up, but Moose slams Dreamer into the thumbtacks. Moose hangs in the corner waiting for Dreamer to get up. Moose connects Light's Out, then goes for the cover. Moose gets the win and retains the championship.

Winner: Moose

Outside: Gia Miller is waiting for an arrival. She thought it was going to be the Good Brothers, but instead, it's just Johnny Swinger.

Up next, the Knockouts Gauntlet Match. This match will determine who will be the #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship.

Tasha Steelz and Kylie Rae kick things off. Tasha Steelz puts Kylie Rae in a waistlock. The hold is broken. Steelz goes for a Japanese arm drag, Rae lands on her feet. Every two minutes a new Knockout will make their way to the ring.

Taya Valkyrie's music hits, but it's not her that comes out. It's John E. Bravo dressed as Valkyrie. Kimber Lee is in.

Kimber Lee pulls Rae towards the center of the ring for a suplex. Steelz pump kicks Lee. Rae and Steelz continue their fight before Kiera Hogan makes her way to the ring. Kiera Hogan is in

Lee dances in between Hogan and Steelz. They both push her out of their way. Steelz and Hogan have Rae and Lee cornered. Steelz gets eliminated after Rae lands a superkick on her. Tasha Steelz has been eliminated. Susie is in. Tasha Steelz is eliminated – Katie Forbes is in.

Katie Forbes catches Lee with a clothesline once she enters the ring. Forbes was close to pushing Hogan off the apron, but Hogan hangs on. Madison Rayne is in. Hogan and Rayne start talking smack. Rayne chops Hogan. Havok is in.

Havok roundhouse kicks Susie in the head after she introduces herself. Hogan climbs on Havok's back. Taya Valkyrie's music hits. It's actually her this time.

Valkyrie and Havok take center stage. Valkyrie lands a few forearm shots before Forbes takes over by sending her into the corner. Katie Forbes attacked her, but Valkyrie countered and started striking down Forbes in the corner, eliminating her with a kick. Katie Forbes has been eliminated. Alisha Edwards is in.

Alisha Edwards clotheslines Susie as she runs into the ring. Rae has Alisha in the firewoman's carry. Havok assists Rae then sends Alisha into Rae. Nevaeh is in.

Nevaeh and Havok side swipe everyone and hug it out before Rosemary arrives. Rosemary is in.

Rosemary wastes little time and spears Susie. Susie is hanging off the apron. All of a sudden Rosemary's music plays again. John E. Bravo is now dressed up as Rosemary. Susie has been eliminated. Bravo has just eliminated Havok. Rae puts Rayne over the top rope and pushes her off. Rayne is out, as well as Alisha Edwards. Madison Rayne and Alisha Edwards have been eliminated.

Rosemary sends Hogan towards the steel stairs. Hogan tries to hold on, but, she falls out of the ring. Now, it's down to Valkyrie, Lee, Rosemary and Rae. Rae lands a short head scissors on Lee, which sends her out of the ring. Kiera Hogan and Kimber Lee have been eliminated. Valkyrie tries to dump Rae out, but her friend Rosemary is eliminated instead. Rosemary has been eliminated. Rae lands a destroyer on Valkyrie, goes for the pin, and now becomes the new No. 1 contender!

Winner: Kylie Rae

As Callis and Mathews are discussing Rae's win, Heath Miller (fka Heath Slater) grabs a microphone and heads into the ring. He's a free agent now, and he's looking for a fight! He would like to compete later on tonight for the Impact World Championship, but Rohit Raju makes his way down to the ring. He informs Miller that if he wants a title shot he's going to have to wait in line. If anyone deserves a title shot, it's Raju. Miller blocks out his threat and sends Raju out with a reverse DDT.

Next, we see a video package hyping up Willie Mack's X-Division title defense against Chris Bey. Their match is next!

Willie Mack (c) vs. Chris Bey (X-Division Championship)

Chris Bey ducks the line but gets knocked sideways with a right hand from Willie Mack. Mack sends Bey out of the ring. Mack kicks Bey right in the back of his head. Mack drops Bey on his head. Mack almost broke Bey's neck. Mack rolls Bey back into the ring. Mack connects a standing moonsault, then a cover. Bey kicks out at 2. Mack has Bey in the corner. Mack connects a few strong back elbows. Bey and Mack are on the middle rope. Mack is trying to lift Bey. Bey blocks his chances with a few midsection shots. He rolls under and connects a slingblade. Bey with goes for a lateral press pin, Mack kicks out. Bey keeps his defense up with a swinging neckbreaker. Bey goes for another cover, Mack kicks out at 2.

Both men trade back kicks. Mack sends Bey over with an Irish Whip, then connects a clothesline. Mack slams on top of Bey with a cannonball. Bey rolls Mack up but Mack gets his shoulders up. Mack is on the top rope. Bey jumps over the referee to land a dropkick. Bey yells for Mack to get up. Mack sends Bey into the corner. Bey gets his boots up in time to block Mack's attack. Bey was close to locking in another pin, but Mack kicked out in time. Mack gets a cutter but isn't able to connect the Six-Star Frog Splash. Bey pokes Mack in the eye, lands the Final Finesse and scores the pinfall victory. Chris Bey is now the new X-Division Champion.

Winner: Chris Bey

Post-Match: Rhino and Miller reunite. Scott D'Amore informs Miller that he is not allowed to be on their closed set. Rhino tells Miller to come back on Tuesday.

Up next, we're about to see The North defend their Tag Team Championships.

The North (c) vs. Sami Callihan & Ken Shamrock (Impact World Tag Team Championships)

Ken Shamrock tries to hook the ankle lock on Josh Alexander. Alexander gets his arm on the bottom rope. Alexander heads over to his corner to discuss his strategy with Ethan Page. Meanwhile, Shamrock tags in Sami Callihan. Callihan kicks Alexander in the back. Both members of The North are in. Callihan sends Alexander out of the ring. Callihan smashes Page with a chop to the chest. Callihan tags Shamrock back in. Shamrock throws in a few shots before bringing Callihan back in. Callihan pushes his forearm up against Page's face. Page get's the rope break.

Callihan lands a devastating elbow drop on Page. Callihan goes for a cover, Page kicks out. Page sends Callihan towards the ropes, Alexander opens them up. Callihan goes tumbling out. Shamrock connects a powerslam on Page. Shamrock and Alexander step out of the ring for a moment, but Alexander rolls Shamrock back in. Alexander throws a chop. Shamrock fires back with a shot of his own. Alexander falls to his feet but gets back up to tag in Page. As Callis says, Callihan showboated himself too fast and lost the count to Page. Callihan throws a chop. Alexander distracts him, and Page slams Callihan with a dropkick. Page flexes his arms towards Shamrock before putting Callihan in a sleeper hold. The referee heads over and checks in on Callihan. Callihan keeps his hand up by the third count.

Callihan desperately needs to make a tag to Shamrock, but Page is blocking him. Callihan and Page collide with double pump kicks. Callihan gets Shamrock in. Page gets Alexander in. Shamrock sends Page into the corner. Page rolls out. Callihan is back in. He looks for the Cactus Special. Alexander blocks it. The North takes advantage of Callihan with a double team Crucifix Bomb. They go for a cover, but Callihan kicks out. Shamrock is in and sends Alexander out with a belly-to-belly suplex. Shamrock gets the ankle lock in on Page. Alexander rolls in and locks Callihan in one too. Callihan and Page slap one another while being locked in double ankle locks. Callihan rolls through. He lands a powerful cutter. Shamrock puts Alexander in another ankle lock. The hold is broken. Callihan and Shamrock have a disagreement in the ring and start to push each other. Callihan connects the GTS, then the Cactus Special. Page breaks the pin on Alexander. Shamrock sends Alexander falling with a superplex. Shamrock heads to the outside with a dive, but he misses his chance as The North moves out of the way in time. The North gets The Northern Assault on Shamrock. The North cover one last time and they retain their championships.

Winners: The North

Post-Match: The North grab two microphones and brag about how they've run through the entire tag team division in Impact. Ethan Page says that they are the greatest team in history. All of a sudden, the Motor City Machine Guns come back out. Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin inform The North that on Tuesday, they are going to challenge The North for the Impact Tag Team Championships!

Backstage: Gia Miller believes that she has found the Good Brothers' locker room. When she knocks on the door, Rich Swann answers. He says that he's eyeing the X-Division Championship.

Up next, we see how Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo's feud came to be. Grace will defend her championship, next!

Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Deonna Purrazzo (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Jordynne Grace wastes little time as the match begins. Grace tests her strength against Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo jumps out of the ring to catch her breath. She does it again for a second time. Purrazzo puts Grace in a waistlock. Grace elbows her on the side of her face. Grace dives to the outside and climbs on top of Purrazzo. She lands a few shots before sending her back into the ring. Purrazzo is up on the top rope. Grace tries to bring her down, but Purrazzo pushes her off. Purrazzo jumps off and connects a double stomp on Grace's shoulders. Purrazzo locks Grace up in the ropes. Purrazzo has Grace cornered. She keeps her down with foot chokehold.

Purrazzo locks up Grace's upper body. Grace is able to put her foot on the rope. Purrazzo looks for the Fujiwara armbar, Grace rolls through. Purrazzo puts Grace in a cross armbreaker. Purrazzo slams Grace face-first into the mat. Grace finds her offense with a strike to the back of Purrazzo's neck. Grace shoulder tackles Purrazzo and keeps her down with a rolling Senton. Grace goes for a cover, Purrazzo kicks out. Grace has Purrazzo trapped in a sleeper hold. Purrazzo is starting to fade. The referee checks in on Purrazzo. Purrazzo doesn't drop her arm. Purrazzo rolls through. Grace clotheslines Purrazzo in the corner. Grace stretches Purrazzo around the ring post. Purrazzo finds a way to make her way back in the ring. Grace powerslams Purrazzo, then goes for a pin. Purrazzo kicks out at 2. Grace plants a spinebuster.

Grace throws a few right-hand shots, then slams Purrazzo into the mat. Purrazzo slips from the back and sends Grace down with pump kick. Purrazzo keeps working on Grace's damaged arm. Purrazzo sends Grace out with a snap suplex. Grace fights out of the cover. Grace creates some separation from an attempted suplex. Grace runs in on Purrazzo with a back elbow. Purrazzo drives her knees into Purrazzo, but Purrazzo kicks out of the cover. Grace looks for the Grace Driver. She connects it beautifully, but Purrazzo kicks out of the pin at 2. After several suplexes and scoop and slams, Grace isn't able to secure a another Grace Driver. Instead, Purrazzo counters by turning her single submission move into a double Fujiwara armbar. Grace taps out. Purrazzo becomes the new Knockouts Champion!

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo

Before the main event, Mathews and Callis announce that Bound For Glory will take place on Saturday, October 24th!

And now, the main event!

Ace Austin (w/ Madman Fulton) vs. Trey vs. Eddie Edwards vs. A Mystery Opponent (Vacant Impact World Championship – Elimination Match)

The mystery opponent is announced... it's Rich Swann!

So now, it's:

Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton) vs. Trey vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Rich Swann vs. Eric Young (Vacant Impact World Championship)

Before the match happens, someone's music begins to play. It's Eric Young! Everyone in the ring looks surprised. EY grabs a microphone and says that he has news for them. He says that this match has now become a five-way elimination match!

The bell officially rings, Rich Swann goes right for Eric Young. Swann tries to throw a few shots on Young. Young counters it. Eddie Edwards heads on over to Young. Young sends Edwards up and over with a German Suplex. Edwards sets Swann up for the Manhattan Drop. Edwards keeps his offense on Swann with a powerful powerbomb. Madman Fulton interjects in the match by slamming Edwards into the apron. The referee tells Austin that he is going to ban Fulton from ringside, and if he doesn't obey, Austin will be disqualified from this match. Austin fights against it at first but Austin asks Fulton to leave. Fulton leaves the ring. Back in the ring, Swann comes in with a hurricanrana. Edwards connects multiple chops on Swann and Young. Swann looks for another rana on Edwards, but Edwards blocks it. Austin looks for a backpack stunner. Edwards fights him off. Swann lands a back handspring cutter. Young and Trey tangle. Trey double stomps on top of Young's back.

Trey comes flying in with a hurricanrana on Austin. Trey also takes Young on a ride with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Edwards stops Trey in his tracks with a chop. Swann catches Trey midair with a Candian Destroyer on the outside. Trey is up on the top rope. Austin backs Edwards into the corner – sending Trey down on the top rope. Young catches Trey with a spike piledriver. Young pins Trey, and Trey has been eliminated.

Trey has been eliminated

Young digs his boots into Austin's face. Now, Swann and Young exchange shots. Swann goes for a body scissors, but Young counters it into a powerslam. Young goes for a cover on Swann, he kicks out at 2. Young plants Swann up on the top rope. Young climbs up. Swann counters Young with a bulldog off the top rope! Edwards comes flying in on Austin who is sitting on the apron. Off the ropes, Austin and Edwards crash into a table on the outside via a powerbomb. Currently, Young and Swann are the only two in the ring. Swann rolls Young up and eliminates him.

Eric Young has been eliminated

Young is furious that Swann eliminated him. He grabs a chair and attaches it around Swann's surgically repaired leg. Young puts the damage on Swann's leg. The referee calls for security to come down and take Young to the back. Austin tries to take advantage of Swann, but Swann counters his attack with a rollup. Austin connects The Fold on Swann and gets him eliminated.

Rich Swann has been eliminated

Now, it's down to Edwards and Austin. Edward and Austin exchange chops and forearm strikes in the center of the ring. Mathews and Edwards are surprised that Austin got the better of Edwards during their slugfest. Edwards gives Austin a little smile, then starts firing chops. Edwards baits Austin to come towards him. Austin heads over to Edwards. Edwards throws Austin into the turnbuckle with a belly-to-bell suplex. Edwards connects the Boston Knee Party. He goes for a cover. Austin kicks out. Austin rolls through with The Fold. Edwards kicks out. Edwards ends the match with the Die Hard Flowsion. Edwards covers Austin, and becomes the new Impact World Champion!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Post-Match: Madman Fulton makes his way down to the ring. Fulton comes in to attack the newly crowned champion. As Fulton is attacking Edwards', the Good Brothers' music hit! Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson are here! The Good Brothers help Edwards take out Fulton and Austin. They grab some beers and celebrate.

Before the show ends, the lights go out, and we see a video of EC3 teasing his return.

That concludes tonight's broadcast of Slammiversary. Thanks for watching!