Recently on The New Day: Feel The Power [baby], WWE Superstars Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods welcomed the legendary Big Show to the podcast. Notably, Big Show talked about thinking The New Day was “career suicide” for Kingston and administering stiff chops. Also during the podcast, Kingston accused Big Show of sinking in his chest and Woods recalled being scared of getting chopped by Big Show.

According to Big Show, he warned Kingston about starting a faction with Big E and Woods. While Kingston appreciated ‘The Giant”s concern, but encouraged him to check out their act.

“I had seen Kofi come in from FCW, and all the poor things that Kofi went through, and how he survived, and his athleticism, his commitment to be better, his commitment to dependable and solid. I saw him working toward that championship role. He was getting there. Intercontinental Champion, move up to Heavyweight Champion, and then, there’s these two guys I don’t know.” Big Show recalled, “I’m like, ‘no’ because I’m thinking 3 Man Band. Like, ‘no one’s going to come out and do well on this! This is not going to work!’ Now, mind you, this isn’t in front of the crowd, this is what I saw backstage, so I pulled my friend, Kofi, discretely to the side, maybe it was a foot-and-a-half to the side.

“Well, we all know how I am with business because of the way the [pro wrestling] business was taught to me, I translate business the same way. When It’s business, you can’t beat around the bush and sugarcoat. You have to be direct and if you can’t handle it, you’re in the wrong business. In there, I’m all business, period. And I told Kofi, I said, ‘you’re on your way to being a championship contender and getting the big title. You don’t want to run around with these two [expletive]. I mean, I get it. You’re trying to do something. Maybe you’re in a lull right now, but these two [expletive] aren’t going to get you over. And I love you, man. I just want to see what’s best for you.’ Kofi, I love Kofi because he is never ever disrespectful, except in Words With Friends. No, but he looks at me and he says, ‘I appreciate that, but there is something special here. Give it a look.’ I went, ‘okay, I will. I will reserve judgment, but I’m just telling you, like, you’ve seen how many three-man groups [get over] and whatever and I just, to me, I just thought it was a death sentence for my friend, Kofi. I really did.”

Once Big Show saw The New Day in action, he apologized. Moreover, the big man said the trio is “magic” together.  

“I sit down and I’m watching the monitor, and I hear this loud, booming voice come over it. Like, I’m sitting in the Baptist Church in South Carolina, the Pentecostal Church, and then all-of-a-sudden, the trombone, and the crowd, and the energy. Then, I saw you guys work and the way you worked together, and as soon as y’all came through the curtain, what did I say? I apologized and I said, ‘forget every friggin’ thing I just said.’ I probably dropped a [expletive], but we’ll keep it polite. But I said I was absolutely freakin’ wrong. What you guys have got is magic. Don’t change.'”

Big Show admitted, “and I’ve been a fan ever since.”

During the podcast, Woods recalled fearing getting chopped by Big Show, but strike ended up being light.  

“For some reason, I felt the need to construct a situation where I got chopped on the back, like seven or eight times. It was hilarious though. [Show] do have large hands though, the largest hands I’ve ever seen in my life and so everyone who’s listening, you obviously know being chopped is something that hurts and being chopped by Big Show is something that hurts way more than being chopped by anyone else. But then, when you take into account being chopped in the back by Big Show, one of the scariest times of my life was the first time [Show] crept into the ring, my back is to [Show] and I end up [cowering]. ‘Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Come on! Come on!’ And it was so loud, but I didn’t feel a thing.” Woods added, “he’s incredible!”

Big Show joked that he picks and chooses who gets stiff chops.  

“There’s definitely a love factor that goes in [to] who gets chopped and how they get chopped. There are some, that get a great chop, and it’s loud, and it stings a little bit. Then, there are some that you’ll see come back that are lit up, and red, and bruised, and bleeding.” Big Show said, “well, apparently, somewhere along the line we had a disagreement.”

In response, Kingston claimed that Big Show sunk in his chest from stiff chops.  

“You were talking about the reason for people getting hard chops and it’s based on, kind of, like, their attitude,” Kingston acknowledged. “And I wished that you would have told me that back in 2009 because I came out, I debuted in 2008, and you’ll remember, I had a nice, full chest. My chest was popping. Do you know what I mean? I go to do a pushup and my chest hits the ground. Do you know what I mean? I had a real, life chest. And then, [Show] and I ended up having a match, and I got chopped so hard in the chest, and my chest has never been the same since.”

Big Show, who recently shared his favorite WWE WrestleMania angles, admitted that his stiff chops to Kingston were a receipt for a spinning back kick that made contact with Show’s chin. The star of Netflix’s The Big Show Show stated that Kingston and RVD are the two opponents who have kicked him the hardest.

“I’ve been kicked hard in the chin by two people. One was RVD and the other was Kofi.” Big Show continued, “yeah [Kofi] and RVD. RVD did that to me one time right in the middle of his sell. He jumped up and gave me a spinning back kick. He hit me right there in the chin. I told him in the ring, ‘Jesus, if you wanted a comeback, just tell me! You don’t have to kill me!’

“Kofi came out there wanting to show his fighting spirit, which was making me crazy. And I’m in the corner turnbuckle and he tried to put my teeth through the back of my skull, which is great! I respect that [Kofi] want[ed] to make it snug. I like snug. Snug is what we do, but understand in our business there is something known in our business as a receipt. So [Kofi] bought that kick. Let me give [Kofi] the receipt along with it.”

While Big Show’s chops may have been the receipt, Kingston acknowledged that his chest is “buyer’s remorse”.  

“I see it every day, I see it every day. Now I look in the mirror. It’s, what? Buyer’s remorse, right? Do you know what I’m saying? I look in the mirror and I start looking at my chest! Don’t let me pass this sternum onto the kids! Don’t let the kids have a sternum like me. If you ever get in the [pro wrestling] business and you face a giant, don’t kick him in the chin! The price is steep!” Kingston admitted, “sometimes you got to learn the hard way.”

On the subject of chops, Big Show divulged that he does not like chopping Triple H on account of ‘The Game”s rock hard pectoral muscles.

“Do you know who the worst is to chop? I don’t even chop him. Triple H because he [has] got such a chest when he’s in the corner and he does that [prepare for impact]. His upper chest is so hard and it peaks, it’s like slapping two bowling balls. I don’t know how else to explain it.”

Big Show continued, “like chopping [Triple H], it hurts me more. Like, the bones in my wrist hurt. Like Hunter says, ‘give me chop.’ I’m like, ‘no, it hurts me,’ and he starts laughing, ‘what do you mean it hurts you?’ The whole time, we’re going around the ring laughing about how I’m a big wuss and don’t want to chop him.”

Listen to the podcast here or via the embedded player below. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit The New Day: Feel The Power with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.