Launch Date Revealed For Rhodes Wrestling Academy

In June, Dustin Rhodes announced he was starting a wrestling school.

Today the official Twitter for Rhodes Wrestling Academy revealed the launch date for the school is next year in January. The school will also be located outside of Austin, Texas.

"We are planning on launching January 2021. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for sign up info. I will be very hands on training for your info. School will be outside of Austin,Tx," announced Rhodes Wrestling Academy.

Earlier this week, Dustin Rhodes explained more about Rhodes Wrestling Academy to a Twitter user. He called the school a developmental academy and that it's completely his project.

Dustin explained, "It is a developmental academy. Fresh, young, new prospects that have a dream of one day wrestling in front of thousands of people. This is completely my project, a project that I have dreamt about for a long time. Lot of knowledge in my years."